"Another Tricky Day," eh Townshend?

He found the architects who designed "HHMI?" Are we going to kickbox at the door to the Go Bell "Computer Lab?" Spies are reporting losing their memories? Shocked I am at this development! Let's go to Q&A mode.

Q: "Have the Maryland State Police aided Hughes previously?"
A: "Yes, they drove by at approximately 110 m.p.h. with their copper lights on when I reported to my Ford Focus buggy-wuggies that vile D.C. spies were gaining on Henry's mere four-banger at 85 m.p.h., which was 30 mph over the limit, and I'm not talkin' spy code/number code, these are FACTS."
Q: "Why didn't you get ticketed?"
A: "I did not hit the brakes; I downshifted and hid behind a trash truck."
Q: "Where did your pursuers go."
A: "They were illegally spying, and perhaps thinking malice, thus afraid of the police. They exited the Interstate promptly."
Q: "Will the Maryland authorities aid you again?"
A: "My reasonable expectation is that they will back me when I click my bullhorn on and tell the Howard Hughes Medical Institute suspected bio-chem terrorists something like, 'This is my building. I am William Charles Hughes, the founder's grandson. I have a court order in my hand. This is my property. You have twenty minutes to exit the building. Do not bring anything with you but your personal possessions, which will be searched as you exit the building. Do not delay, as the buildings on this campus are currently being wired with explosives, and will be destroyed on my order later today." (repeat as needed)

Nice that "they" may want to make a movie, but dum-dums with "Roswell Tech" apparently know what's on my world-famous "To Do" list, such as:

TWA 266 Connnie

What did the lady say regarding that TWA flight? "Too many sixes in the flight number." What did the logical, rational people tell her? "Get on the plane, you're being silly and superstitious."

Kids, what happened to her?


Me? Fly to New York City on short notice?

Oh, those old Watergate Spooks! They serve-up your heads on plastic trays. And, why not? They are long retired, and our presidential Negro didn't even give them a Social Security Administration Cost of Living raise (COLA). What else do they have to do with their time?

As for me, I'll be "On the localizer" to be sure I'm correct about many things, but any resemblance to HH is purely coincidental.

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