Lazy? Steal Quotes & Watch F-15 Video

Hey Poland, what are you doing? Smoking in there? And yes, the (c) goes to Bartlomiej Wojcik via airliners.net, because Bart has rights, and I don't. Nothing like watching F-15 video in a building full of brain-jacked kooks, and who can say the worthless spook-inspired "grounding" of Howard's grandson was right? I suppose my not a lie wisecrack would be, "It's better than seeing the same maneuver over University City, Missouri out the window of a crooked Clayton lawyer." Medical problems after eight years of torture in the USA? None, save a very slight arrhythmia during the video. It's the precision that gets me every time, and for "visuals," you can't beat the dual lit red engines. I did softly declare, "Yeeha!," and was not ejected from the rather inescapably criminal charge-worthy "Computer Lab." Amazing! Awesome!

litigation, litigation, litigation

mafia! mafia! mafia!

High school drop outs, to write you must read. Ready for some quotes from Mr. Hughes' reading? Wow! Are you all nuts, or what? Screw-up the ATC audio, and it's off to KSHE/KLOS land. You creeps can't win, and you won't admit it. Excuse me, mafia(s), I suppose I'm a criminal for wanting what is mine. Are they bringing those nukes back? Not yet?

QUOTABLE QUOTES & Snide Responses

"The depression is over."
- Herbert Hoover

FDR lengthened the depression? I guess the Hindenburg didn't crash. Did grandma do that "job?" Toasted, they were. Pass the butter soldier, as your wasteful butt is in a jam. Oh the non-humanity! (when under the Cuckoo Dish too long). Hey Noory, what if I called, you big jackass. Don't you know some jerk with Missouri .gov saved our e-mail exchange?

"George and I knew that anything could happen, but we certainly didn't expect anything like that" [9/11].
- Laura Bush

Laura, I feel your pain.

"America cannot be great if we go broke."
- Alan Simpson

Alan, I'm so sick of seeing rich old folks and assorted aged mafia, here is my suggestion. How about a five percent (5%) CUT in Social Security Retirement checks? (where's that healthy girl with the little headphones? Duck! Get down! Everybody down!)

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind."
- Kent Conrad (D)

Kent, that's what my family called a, "No brainer." I thought "Tip" and Ronnie fixed it all a long time ago. "Lock box?" Where's my tool box, a-hole? Has everybody gone nuts? You can't just print 600 billion more in 100 dollar bills, but don't you know they will. Where's the good cocaine? Oh no, it's not for me.

"It's not a proposal I could support."
- Jan Schakowsky (D)

Is that called an "understatement?" Is the FOX NEWS van out front? Not yet?

"[Oakland police] really roust the people and treat them badly. They felt helpless."
- John L. Burris

Widely shared local wisdom: "Don't run to the police, don't run from the police." Governor Moonbeam, you've got a problem, and I'm not lecturing about how I could do a better job. It's a waste of my time. May I run for president now?

"Having actors be little puppets for you is pretty amazing."
- Eva Mendes

Eva, did you see the soundgirl with her big windscreen? Hanging around sucking on a red straw? Not allowed on my set! Not allowed!

"One of government's purposes is to have a humanitarian side."
- Nick Taylor

Really? C'mon nutjobs, say it again. Push the button? I'm putting you in a cell, and eating the code to the door.

"You put the geeks on the left, and the stalkers on the right, and you run for daylight up the middle."

- William Shatner

Is that Bill getting into politics, too? He's got political advice that works, doesn't he? I've known he's correct since entering the Republic of California on 05.05.08. Cosmic! Not really you idiot, because my engineers always show the boss how your little magic show works. Oh, you didn't know that? Go to jail! Go to hell! Do you think Nimoy has the mothership parked on the Paramount lot? Sorry, I just can't help you.


"Baker Hughes provides reservoir consulting, drilling, pressure pumping, formation evaluation, completion and production projects and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry."

First, why do the "crazies" at abovetopsecret.com lead the great Hughes to that fish & chips wrapper worthy New York Times article by Mr. Lichtblau dated November 13, 2010 on what I've been saying since, oh, that banner year of 2001? Extreme badguy Nazis snuck-in with rocket scientists after WWII? Shocked, so shocked I am! More shocking is that Latin American nations care, and "we" don't. I'm wrong? The big Pinochet fry was "off" because the jackass died. No Nazis in Canada? Liberal moose breath, they'll kill you and toss your politically perfect corpse in Lake Superior, and I'm not the only one who warns of this, but I unfortunately have claim to most of the real hard currency type money in the free world.

Excuse me for living.

Are you twits going the the "Lutheran SS" run for the shitter dinner? Toyota 4 Runner? Nice Lexis? "Robo-Skinny" is taking down your plate numbers for the new Sheriff, don't you know? On to the corp-speak analysis. "Reservoir consulting," a la Reservoir Dogs? As my crack-selling character in hughes screenplay #8 says, "Uh huh." "Drilling," it has been uncomfortably imparted to me, is mafia-speak for shooting firearms at people, and possibly, if "The Price is Right," killing them. "Pressure pumping" I grasp due to someone who used the word "pumping" as a synonym for "interrogating." "Formation evaluation" is like a football term, eh? I've long said I am the spycatching linebacker. You must watch the idiots and see their play develop before laughing so hard at them, it deters them from whatever they are "trying to pull." Who needs firearms when moving among the grossly unskilled? Completion and production projects? It's been a long while I've known it is hard to complete a sentence with a spy in the house. As for projects, the recall of my 6th grade science project (an oil derrick and the Earth's crust) had me ready for possibly First Degree Assault. Manslaughter Two?

As mom said, "We shall see what we shall see."

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