Faster! Faster, My Pretty!

So an Aeronica 11AC almost took out the United Airlines Flight 889, a Boeing 777 headed to Beijing? On what day? "Three(3) to seven(007?) ten(10). Did you say "debris disposal," as with an Aeronica C-2 crunched above? Why is my family in charge of cleanup jobs both terrestrial and Roswellian? The current adminstration, as with "T.O." mafia(s), can be said to "Not talk too much." I guess that airplane model is supposed to mean the lovely ANN CLAYTON BAKER had something to do with 9/11. Right? mafia! mafia! What is the newest Hughes slogan, and please don't steal it out on Germantown Road. Remember? I was there, motherf---er! Make a right off the ramp to the real CIA, and what a sad bunch they are. Make a left, and you're at my place. Very funny, but not.

Sniff, Sniff? What does that mean? How about 20-30 million dollar private jets burning? Call the insurance man? First, call the volunteer fire department, you terrorist jackass!

Why so much murder-suicide in the United States over the past few decades? E. Fuller Torrey and the "Treatment Advocacy Center" wanted you to think everyone was "Bipolar" or "Schizophrenic," however, my rhetorical means to address this has been, in part, to point out that there is no more parking space for satellites in near-Earth orbit, so you might ask yourself what all of the "CrapSats" are doing? Oh, Nazi and Bolshevik solid & liquid rocket booster types don't want to talk about it, do they?
Is this the Soldier Boy's "asymmetrical warfare" allowing one life to be totally messed-up, the other one, all things being equal, smooth as silk? How many hijacked passcodes, broken computers, and people calling their various customer service locations in India around me do I need to realize I am not alone. The latest from my Hughes metaphor/analogy factory finds, on Veteran's Day, of all days, comparisons with shooting at "gooks" in Vietnam who have rustled the underbrush. Just empty your M-16 into the jungle, and you will likely be okay. However, was there anyone there, or are you just hearing things? Who are these demonic people who have what I call a "synthetic" look about them? Are they human at all?
On to the regularly scheduled piece, before my "E.T. Video Game" timed to shut off @ 8:45 p.m. p.s.t. computer shuts-down before I can print articles from the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz via the Palestinian Monitor. What's that quota on scrap paper in the printer, Koval? Six (6) pages, right? Falsified some personnel records for her, didn't you? Oh, I loved it when an old spook came in and kept saying, "You haven't been here that long. Oh no, ma'am, you have not worked here that long." Fake 911 Center on 02.17.10, eh? Were did "Margaret" go? "Deputy Jeff?" Where did he go? RACHEL KOLAR is a LA playwright who wrote me a few e-mail messages, KAREN COWAN is a psychiatrist I worked with, and presto, you have a "RACHEL COWAN" working at the Go Bell?
Oh lordy! And, how about my HSA worker, Ventura County Government, with a name of--sane people, you might want to step out of the room--"ISELLA ROLDAN?" Or, "I sell A, Roll Dan." First, what "Dan" are we talking about? General Dynamics/Boeing Dan? Eastman Kodak Dan? Howard Johnson's Dan? As the Great Finken One often said, "What are you talking about?" "Mister Hues" wants to know. Am I ever getting to the prerecorded sermonette? War! War! War! I say war, and you old corroded Buck Rogers spooks don't want to kill-off your own grandsons & granddaughters, so what the hell are you doing?
Let's connect these two quotes, shall we? First, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
"Midair collisions, though rare, are almost always disasterous. A recent spate of near or actual midair crashes, including four others involving U.S. jetliners or air taxis in the past 17 months already had prompted the FAA to launch fresh studies of the problem."
Gosh, my eyes really hurt, but let's get ready for civil war; no EAGLE EYE CARE for me. Seventeen months? Not sixteen...not eighteen...a little spy-crazed maybe, FAA?
"Uh, I don't have much hope for getting you on top, uh, people say it's like about twelve five"
"Well, the compass is showing due south one eight zero" [180]
Excuse me, I'm so excited about my latest NTSB crapfest, I might go back in time and contemporaneously call Ronald Reagan a bad name. On to our next quotation:
"For the purposes of this section, 'switchblade knife' means a knife having the appearance of a pocketknife and includes a spring-blade knife, snap-blade knife, gravity knife, or any other similar type knife, the blade or blades of which are two or more inches in length and which can be released automatically by a flick of a buton, pressure on the handle, flip of the wrist or other mechanical device, or is released by the weight of the blade or by any type of mechanism whatsoever."
That one is from the vaunted "California Code," a tract by which many prison guards and county jail employees put bread on the table, yet I have much of the world's bread, yet was heard to ironically remark, "That knife needs some oil, or maybe WD 40." Is the OROWEAT "BREAD" TRUCK still parked by America's Best Value Motel 24/7? Were they trying to tell me something? Oh, we'll get to the 55 days of screaming Negroes, Wi-Fi mystery man "default," and those darkies at Commerce Bank in Kansas City, Missouri, right Clare McCaskill? Right! Good news? Two points; recent threatening behavior was not another of what I call "gun displays," only a knife, and it looks like the CHP has been demoted to patrolling my CRPD park. Could this be a CA governor "transition period suck-up?"
Maybe, but see my hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com blog "transition" into even more vicious POL SCI 400 level head-chopping. Wait until I drop some .mil nastiness DVD's into your homeless ditch, girl! Democrats, you are "public figures" vis a vis libel law, so...OFF WITH YOUR HEADS, you ticket-fixing, bingo hall skimming, union penile vacuum pump dry humpers but in need of Viagra/Cialis semi-communist ward & home wreckers! And, don't have some stiff write another book with your name on it Palin, because I'm coming for you. Yes, the Democrats have wheeled-out warm beer, cold pizza, and the masses just love it, due to my appropriately nicknamed tech like the "Cuckoo Dish" and "Cuckoo Shack." Yes, spygirls have wicked devices in their "bags," and speaking of devious females, the former Alaska governor's flight crew looks "Geeked-out on AmGen" to me, and I admit I'm not even sure what that means, until someone has mercy on me and: a) Permits me to have housing; and b) Feeds me some real goddamn intelligence product, like a report on the back of a Made in USA Post Toastie box.
Whew! I feel all better now.
Was it good for you?

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