Fun, Fun, Fun, Did Daddy Take the T-Bird Away? How About T-Bills? My I & EE's? Not Yet?

I asked the Rabbi for a job and....LIVE! FOR ONLY TWO WEEKS AT [insert gambling house name here] WILLIAM HUGHES! Did they really get a grant for a drug counseling program, or was that another confirmation of "BARACK OBAMA, LCSW - MICHELLE OBAMA, LPC?"

Aw, the one at the top of the page is in a later pic with her damn kids. Oh the pain! Jewish girls! Black girls! So much suffering! So little s-e-x. And, why have I seen the one above "around town?"

And, how about this one? Younger, and...is this an e-dating service? I thought it was the Temple. Oh, I was on the crew for Fiddler on the Roof in high school, so I know the lyics to that "Matchmaker" song, but I don't sing well, I write. Can't help it if SONY, UNIVERSAL, MGM, DISNEY, and PARAMOUNT have been "set-up." Don't cry "entrapment," either. Oh, you did not steal my intellectual property? You did not hit my car? Hit my car again? We won't talk about what goes on in that raucous Florida theme park, and the other "attraction" where people disapp[halt! Who goes there?]

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