"Paranoid," Said The Stalker to the Candidate

Let's work "141." It is a highway in Missouri. It is the number of a supposedly crashed airplane. It is in my IRS Tax I.D. Number to run for president I don't use much on an average of $30 or so, and I am not talking in "number code." It's just not funny when your #1 GAYBOY ROBOT STALKER accuses me of being paranoid. I said, "Sir, you are not a clinical social worker, and you did not work in mental hospitals, you have no idea what you are talking about, and that is the end of this discussion." Oh, I also asked him to define Paranoid," and he could not, although it was/is a good rock music album by Black Sabbath. Sabbath Manor? Missouri DMH, we won't get into that today.

Here comes the "Crusty Old Rodent." He does not work for the FAA. He does not know Uncle Ralph. He does not know Pam Blum, but he likes to act like it. Kooks! gays! mafia! And, not a damn thing I can do about it, America. What's my long-running joke? (Again, not funny). If I should buy all of Minneapolis, Mafia would buy all of St. Paul. That's just the way it works, unless your mug is on the Post Office wall, and my family taught me that at age 4. "Who are you?" Hey, kook, I am not a peace officer, so I can't ask for your I.D., and neither can the real one unless you are driving a motor vehicle.

National Identification Card? Are you nuts? I'm not. GOT RIGHTS? No, you don't. Why was the "Sheriff in a Cop Car" licking his chops this a.m.? Because "Catatonia Girl" has expired as of 6/10 (six/ten...get the joke?) license plates, but the local authorities don't seem to care--until I dare to get in the car, that is, because I am the oil, I am the money, I am the defense/defence industry, and you'd better quit stalking me or I might either kick you ass, call 911, or maybe both. (Big Crusty Rodent is now sniffing. What does that mean?)

Will there ever be justice for this Hughes. Who cares? Let's work the Barbara's, as planned. Word Pres? Look for the new one with a catchy name like Hughes for Dogcatcher, or Hughes for Comptroller, or Hughes for King of the Shape-Shifters. Yes, my very gay stalkers are talking about "shape-shifters."May I file a lawsuit against Paramount Studios, and many know why! Already! Reading minds, perhaps? Don't tell ne what I'm seeing, and young men have ear rings that look like the dish you do it with? Who the f*** are you? Misusing my technology to enslave people, you are. Want a civil war 2.0? You're gonna get it, and President Negro better not try to blame me, a guy who is hiding from these nuts no more.

By the way, why was a certain spy going back & forth on I-10 to New Orleans before the man-made hurricane? Not true? LET'S GO TO COURT, IDIOT. May I have permission from the local gendarme to take legal action? May I complain about the "murder attempt de jure" on me? Thanks, Officer Unfriendly, you are not any help at all. Go Barbara, go!

BARBARA BUSH: (The original Gangster Momma)
BARBARA BIERMAN: What? MSW? Married an Air Force officer? Fontbonne "Options?" Many options here, like you go to prison, girl. Hubby too? We shall see. a.k.a. "Freida"
BARBARA STAHL a.k.a. "Ann Stahl" (watch out for those "One Year Only Girls" @ Lindenwood College)
BARBARA DAVIDSON: Salt in wounds? The platonic girlfriend for calendar year 1991, and how many "91's" can Swiss banks put in their phone & fax numbers? Lots of them! "Coincidence?" Get out of my life, you disinfo specialist nutty as a fruitcake spy!
BARBARA TAYLOR: My practicum instructor at Places for People, and a T.O. spy said, "It's not the place, it's the people" regarding Thousand Oaks nutcases? Just a play on words, eh? Oh, she walks a cat and I have a screenplay that is not for sale called Walking the Cat? Not for sale? That's right nutty professors, hughes screenplays 1-5 are to be compiled in a book titled, Hollywood Cried Poor, and you can't mafia-coerce me into selling one, but don't they wonder when I say, number nine, number nine, number nine, as with not started until I'm good and famous hughes screenplay #9.
BARBARA ANDERSON: Taking a class at Washington University with Hughes? Why not end up my co-instructor for the Great Rivers Mental Health Services & BJC bullcrap? I'm the trainer in my jobs, then I turn to excrement and ger fired/forced out/layed off? Be rational if yu can--something was going on, like I own the damn world if I can get to the federal courts, again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.....
BARBARA STAHL a.k.a "Bill's Fat Girlfriend" Good sex/Bad sex. Don't "they" know how to work it. Who are they?
BARBARA SHIRREL: When is this woman being palced under arrest for trying to murder me, and I sure knew not to drink any more of my coffee after Barb came in to 5300 Arsenal Street good & early to plot, plan, conspire etc. opn how to? KILL BILL!!! It's the national pastiime supplanting baseball. Not right! Not legal!
BARBARA BOXER: Nutso, and no help at all. Did not the Northrup Mutt Walkin' Man say it? "We bucked the trend" (on Nov 2). Why all of the capital letters when I type the word 'no." My father, CHARLES EDWARD HUGHES. NO, that's not him, hacker. Are you all nuts? Welcome to Mr. Hughes DSM-V-R. Next week, as "sleepy" is coming. Dr. Gary Vickers = Vickers Gasoline + Hess+ Valero+ Clark+ = SCANDAL. No? Fuck you, I might end up president, and you will still be an idiot, moron, fool, etc.

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