He's Pacing! He Won't Change His Sweatpants! What? He Makes Perfect Sense?

Why have I been seated in front of this one more than once? Ouch!!!

Who? Who are you? Was it 1956 when they came to Howard? No time to be president? I'm starting to relate to his problem--way too much.

Argentina? I saw the costume pics. Where? Who cares, boys...let's go! Where's my jet? Son, I don't have all day!
THIS NOTE, U.S. NAVY DOPE DEALERS, IS THE SAME COLOR AS MY 1972 AUDI 100 LS; are you excited? Try a bit of "tweaking," you'll feel better:
Hey, let's put Hughes on a 72 hour psych hold (96 hours in big MO!) Don't think so, because...have you checked the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, & 24th Circuit Court records for my "just like Howard's" signature putting their, and maybe your crazy ass in the "lockup?" (DISCLAIMER: None readily available in Cali-fornia, due to that ass##le Ronald Reagan. Maybe you simply belong in the County Jail). Truth be told, the JUDGE did it [did I mention I'll put your butt on 72 hours civil detention, because I can talk the Sheriff's mental health "lingo?"] 99.99% of the time I petitioned. Like a mental health Mountie, I always got my crazie (excuse me, "person with mental illness"), and if memory serves me correctly, that was about 859 cases. I won't blog it? Here it is, 2010 election return fans, and do not think it is "E.T." when Crazy Old Men, or possibly my cousin Brian, cause you to "misplace" your keys or cell phone. ATTENTIO: This is NOT a movie, and The Redhead said, "Oh yeah, they can do that," not me.
Yellow pencil>>GONE. As with "disappeared" in a damn mini-wormhole.
Maroon pencil>>GONE.
Returned from my wormhole? My GRAY pencil, because 90 year-old Mafia(s), 80 year-old .mil spooks, and suit no longer fits, tie too wide Watergate Spooks think I won't testify to this in court. Oh yes I will! The Nutty "message?" Gray = I'm "GENERAL LEE," BECAUSE i SAY OBAMA IS A BLACK DEMON AND OUGHT TO BE OUT ON HIS ASS, PLUS "THEY" KNOW I WRITE BLOG IN PENCIL FIRST, DUE TO THE FACT I AM HUMAN, THEREFORE, I ERR, AND DON'T YOU KNOW THE GRAY PENCIL'S ERASER SMUDGES--a lot.
Tomorrow's lunch at the Mafia Center: Beef Sirloin Tip with Porabello Mushrooms/Peas.

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