Can the Veterans Administration fix this? How about Kaiser over-my-dead body Permanente?
Can this be fixed at the "HHMI?" May we/I ring the "doorbell" at my HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE? Q: "Who goes there? " A: "William C. Hughes, with a f***ing court order." Out! Out of my building!

Upon examining the 4/23-30/2010 Entertainment Weekly, I'd like to see the rest of Ms. Jolie's tattoo in private. Now, stop what you are thinking! This is homeless, helpless, celibate William, and I'd just like to see the rest of the tattoo. And, I'm sure you've all seen Pinocchio.

Chrysler Corporation once upon a time (MO gasoline = 99 cents) made many min-vans in Fenton, Missouri. And, NSA, my spyin' neighbors, and all .mil scumbags know a guy said, upon receipt of a Lee Iaccoca "We can't seem to fix it" LEMON, something like "I was one transfer away from talking to 'Mr. Big-Shot'," as Lee was in the next room. Oh Lordy, did I erase it? Or, as with the Nixon erasure, y'all could get it back, right? Party! Party! Party on 6th Street, and.....what? "He's in the study. I cannot disturb him." Aw, c'mon, we're all stoned and drunk! C'mon! Aw, c'mon! Holler, holler holler, and CA dumbass spies, who was in the next room? President of the United States James Earl Carter.

Do you have "friends" like this? How about Hughes (that's me, stalker) running tape on that call? As for an LCII quest to contact IDI AMIN, let's say I, "Sat that one out." I'm not the real one? GET REAL! Oh, where did I go when my ST. RITA AVENUE neighbors got really obnoxious? It was the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS, right across from the big car plant I think is now closed. I'm short on details, but you could always ask our presidential Negro about it, and his guys won't even shoot you. Also in Fenton was a "Houseful of Guns" case of mine. I had several of these, or maybe a bunch, or perhaps I should count them. Later. As it stands, when the satellite news trucks finally come to call, I'll get a lot of political mileage out of, "Now, c'mon, give us the gun. That's right, these lazy-assed policemen are going to [oops, I lied] clean the gun for you" (No good on my feet? I made that one up quick--the old "We'll clean the gun" trick).

Could there be a partially honest sociopath in California? "Why do you ask yourself, Hughes?" Because when I told that tale, someone said, "A crazy old lady with a loaded gun? In Missouri? You're lucky you didn't get your ass shot." Uh, apparently the four policie-men with their hands on their unstrapped guns agreed with him. It's just like the movie I've not yet made, the memory slo-mo part i.e. "Now please ma'am, give us the (f***ing) gun." And, does the Missouri policeman ever know things? Yes, he/she knows many things, like I've never [lying again?]* touched a firearm, because about an inch from my hand, Mr. Copper just had to grab the gun. Fun? You call this "fun?" I once called taking away guns a j-o-b, or at least an integral part of it.

Hey "Moonbeam," how could I have gone to the police chief, and he said, in another un-celebrated case, "We're not going in there." Correct me if I'm wrong (or Bipolar) but policeman has a 9mm handgun, and a handy-dandy shotgun. I guess all California stalkers will refuse to believe my "Wild Ride With Policegirl" story. No, not that kind of ride! Are mafia(s) going to force me to make a porno movie before, as Mike Shannon says on the radio, "All is said and done?" Stay tuned.

If I have any "training," other than the DNA you all treasure, it's age 3-10, because your grandpa did not submit a highly-classified report on satellites for your 10th birthday, now did he? Don't lie, Cuckoo-Bird! As Harry S. Truman did not like to say, "On the other hand," you may be growing nervous over stuff like drug dealing, illegal immigration, lawless snooping, or perhaps the old T.O. "Abduction & Murder Combo." Do I have a Carl's Jr. coupon for that? Blond-headed girl, tell them I do not. This here drama is called a "stalemate," because [NSA, I don't have all day, or the rest of my life for this crap, so you will tell the U.S. Supreme Court a thing or two...maybe sooner than you jackasses think]

Back to the comedy routine, that quiet residential street in a light industrial area where Missouri's Barney Phife's [where's Carol, Dorn?], those valiant men in Fenton blue, would not come out might have been an "extra-judicial execution"** BANG-BANG-BANG end to me, William Charles Hughes, and, I allege, WILLIAM V of merry old you know where. The "other" William knocked-up Kate? Definitely...three...two...one...ALL TOGETHER NOW..."Not my problem!"

Did I push my way through anti-abortion protesters to get some mental health care for my "Granite" clients? Yes, I did. Did the policeman and I drive fast when they figured out I could "Cert" their lazy, crazy, drug-doing asses for detention & treatment? Yes, "we" did. And, UK, EU, USA, what happened next? Fired again! KOOKS, I DON'T LIKE POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS.

So kids, why would my LINCOLN NAVIGATOR be "bugged?" Why would my CADILLAC ESCALADE probably not start? Where is "JOHN TANNER?" Where is fellow "afraid" to fly "Dark Sider" "BARBARA DAVIDSON?" On the latter, when she's not clowning with an AP [associated press] photographer in front of the New Hampshire Statehouse months before I got there. With who? My nutty "Don't flush the toilet too much, the cops are gonna get you" looked like a tree hugging hippie better conserve water organic...uh...National Socialist roommate on #6 The Byway. Hey Ruskies, how's "Bubba the Coke Dealer" doing? Zap! Oh, I called that one early, did I not? Date the tall, mucho-hot neighbor girl with cross-county skis? You can't go out on a date with that particular secret organization! I know I'm right! I know the rules!

In old WWII movies, National Socialists are called "Nazis," and they kill Jews, retards, crazies, gypsies, & pretty much anybody they feel like. What ever happened to AMERICAN MOTORS? Does Chrysler make an SUV? Is there still a Chrysler? My HP computer broke.

.mafia, your secret, at least with that anecdote is safe, until I get some campaign cash, anyway.
**Know your rights? Let's start with how our "mafia Navy" cannot kill you because they don't like your attitude.They don't do that? Lights, camera, action, because they sure do, right here in the good old USA. What a [screwed-up] country!

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