Belle Neighbors Law

The story should have been told on Letterman/Leno by now. First traffic accident? The spylady hit Hughes in the rear while waiting to make a left into the SINCLAIR gas station, it's still there at CHAMBERS & BELLEFONTAINE, and so am I. I said, "Why did you hit me?" She said, "You didn't signal." I said, pointing to the flashing blinker, "Look! What's that?" William, rack-up an early spy lie, as she alleged, "You turned it on after I hit you." Thirty-nine years later, they're still lying.

To the daily journal we go, and don't steal more notebooks, or the Secret Service might arrest you, not me:


8:50 a.m.

"A.M. THOUGHTS - ECON! ECON! ECON! Who's gonna help? Holly-troubles can be explained as ECONOMIC, not POLITICAL, kind of like non-slavery explanations for the American Revolution. How about that "behind the scenes" photo of the Wizard of Oz set? All of those people standing around? It was a WPA kind of thing to have a job in Hollywood back then. Commies? It was about J-O-B-S. Now, I'm working-up a ZERO-SUM HOLLYWOOD THEORY, whereby these idiots think that my making some movies would take from them, when it would not. "They" could still remake Gilligan's Island, while I try to be ORSON WELLES, and don't tell me there's no room for all of us, because there is money for it.

CRIME - it's big with spies, and they really don't get caught, or it's very rare. On to the BIG, VERY BIG PICTURE: Who are the "enemies?"





Why? William IV sent SPIES to spy on them during his seven years on the throne, and there, movie buffs, is your "007." A few generations later, HOWARD SR. had the gall to strike oil, get richer than them, and the "fun" began in USA. "Newer" money? Oh, there's your allies, William, like GETTY, HILTON, FORD, BUSCH, COORS, etc. As I often holler, if someone can steal the aircraft company many times over, it does not matter how wealthy you are, because the omnipotent "they" could do it to your family, too. It takes a "liberal" like me to say, 'I'm Dollar Bill, and the buck stops here for those messing with free enterprise.' Some commie I am--just like Howard."

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