Gas/Food/Lodging/CHITOWN - NEWARK $69

FUJI Blimp? Couldn't see the side when at 12 o'clock, but the video guy got DAT. Flyin' monkeys? "We" await them.

01.10.10--really? UNITED 634, did you try the crank? And Hughes does not talk "spy talk." I guess it didn't work.

CLICK: "This is Captain Hughes. The left wing landing gear seems to be stuck, and there is a finite amount of fuel aboard the airplane. We can't, despite our best efforts, get it unstuck. So, don't worry, there's no drama here, because I've done this in a simulator a zillion times. Please put your seat belt on, and you know the tray must be up. We shall be on the ground shortly, and a mechanic from United, despite his union card, will be running about headless. Nonetheless, I'm happy you flew with United today." CLICK.

What was I going to write before I saw the 01.22.10 issue of The Week? Must be early Alzheimer's, like Pelosi.

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