Yea McChrystal! Boo Petraeus!: Obama? Please Ready "The Hook!"

Hey fellahs, why can't I send a message to IslamOnLine.net? Not worthy? Don't like Islamic moderates? Why not start another war in Iran? Our brave Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen have nothing better to do in "BigBroICA." "POLITICAL PRISONER UNDER THE NEGRO" is my slogan, and let's don't test the First Amendment, because they don't call it "Con Law" for nothin', right Harvard/Yale/Cornell Law? Right!

I feel the pain of "frank" Soldiers, however, I really was accused of "Falling on my sword" in 2005, and I think it is now clear, after 17 months of living dispossessed and sleeping on park benches that I did not. The accusation was hurled by a POTUS-boinking, "middle-management" CIA girl, by her report, but NSA, I think she was lying, don't you?

Gentlemen, let's don't get all personal like that, okay? Attention .mil types! The civilian knows he is correct when hypnotized park district employees approach menacingly with a big axe at 7:30 a.m., but why call the cops, when they truly do not care about the spy's psychodrama? And, neither do I.

That said, and I, William Charles Hughes, just alleged it, here's a welcome to my stream of consciousness:

"Hmmm...after seeing a MINNESOTA Twins game, the drunk married with a kid spygirl said, 'This might be our last chance.' To have sex? Good God, the wife was already trying to kill me. I listened to Prairie Home Companion, set in MINNESOTA, when Lutherans are plotting in the church basement! When is NPR being rounded-up? When is Keillor going to jail? Seems my 'bodyguard,' when I didn't know what he was, listened to MINNESOTA boy Prince's 'Purple Rain' over & over. Nobody sold that purple LSD, to the best of my knowledge, and that was 34 years ago. My lawyer, who was a spyin' barrister, ran away to MINNESOTA, and when the State of Missouri put me out of yet another job, the black dude went to MINNESOTA. Of all the gin joints in North America! Northwest Airlines pilots can't find the biggest city in MINNESOTA? Minneapolis is big, isn't it? They were working on their laptops? I've done that, too, but an ARMY MAN broke my computer, and all the world's spies are too poor to help me fix it. No TOOLS, either. How could you get lost in MINNESOTA with avionics, computers & stuff? Where's my stuff, in MINNESOTA? No, it's on OLYMPIC AVENUE in LA, and we're all in the 'Watergate Baby Spying Olympics.' That's right, grandma--yeah, that grandma--lived on MINNESOTA. What if I get to know the Chinese as well as those damn Russians? Would I get murdered? Would anyone care? Not me. Crap! They know my slogans, like, 'If I buy all of Minneapolis, The Mafia will buy St. Paul.' Did my uncles really say, 'We need a dog act?' And now, I've got one? Or, some guy who stops by often has one. Did I really figure out, thanks to some spooky librarians, I've seen MICHELLE OBAMA close-up? How long did it take for my brain, a biological computer, to recall where I saw her? A few weeks. Clues? I got 'em. Who is that big man? The current President of the United States was there, too? 1993? No, 'they' corrected me--it was 1994. Did they have to put 'Central' in the name of the agency?Flash-Forward to 2004-2005: CHESTNUT LODGE/CHESTNUT HEALTH? I read a lot, so I got the 'joke,' and a measly $24,000 per year, with a Master's Degree and an ILLINOIS LCSW. Pitiful, spies...just pitiful. Yep, not funny, boys & girls. What did baseball announcer Mike Shannon say? 'Right down central.' Look out soldiers, sailors, and Cuckoo-Bird Air Force, because you know it's coming, don't you? What's that? The high hard one.

Next president, please.

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