Got devices? What's the name of that fault? Not my fault, right Langley?

Do you ever read print ad copy in the USA, and not understand what they're getting at? This is a clue you are:

A) Maybe in the wrong country; or
B) Descended from the guy who failed to send enough troops in 1775.

It's all about sending enough troops, right Karzai? Has he joined the Taliban yet? Not yet?

We go to the lies in our media, and then some guy telling the truth who graduated from Colby College up in Maine. Ah, they love me up there, and this proves once more a four-year liberal arts degree is not a total waste, although these days, you'll be working at STAPLES for minimum wage, and living with Mom & Pop for a very long time. Too long, in my humble opinion, and this provides motivation (MO) to run for president under some under rather adverse circumstances, like being half-dead, because California climate and Left Coast kooks really suck.

Now, let's go to the mass media lies. Topic: Earthquake In Haiti:

"Entire shantytowns were destroyed by the 7.0 quake, the strongest to hit the area in at least two centuries. Witnesses described seeing buildings crumble in Port-au-Prince, where people covered in dust and blood were crawling out of the debris wailing. Corpses were being piled up in the streets, with expressions of shock frozen on their faces...The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port-au-Prince was among the dead, and the head of the U.N. peacekeeping mission was missing."

- "Sir Harold Evans?" Who's that?

"Just came back Saturday...from working...near the epicenter of the quake. It was my first experience in a place so impoverished. There was little water access, no police presence, and little infrastructure. The people were dignified, polite, beautiful, and appreciative. They have amazing fortitude and resiliency, but they need a lot of help from others and some devine intervention to get through this."

- Dan Driscoll, Colby College (Class of 1978)

Floods in Rhode Island? Tornadoes in New Hampshire? Hurricane after hurricane barreling into Florida? (Reform temple closed, orthodox open during hurricanes). Earthquake in Haiti? Freezing my ass off during a Southern California summer? Did CIA really tell me they were commuting to New Orleans before...what?

FACT: In my unpublished, yet very famous book manuscript titled Gangster Nation, I measured and estimated the size of USA's cocaine importation in terms of Superdomes full of coke. Shortly thereafter, the real Superdome got a bit soggy, didn't it? And, "The Big Easy" was like, gone. As I said to my 911 St. Rita USAF spying illegally neighbor with the MAZDA MIATA & dog that pooped in my back yard (a lot), "It's all about the timeline," and EVIL, for real.

" Good afternoon, you're next up with Mr. Hughes on the Big 550."

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