Call the Cops, Call the Cops

$400,000 worth of "boo-boo," and no criminal charges? Mr. Hughes had Thousand Thieves, CA cops on his royal ass for shining his flashlight on a dark road filled with fog lighted, halogen-fired Nazi-mobiles. NHTSA was going to ban those crazy headlamps during the Clinton era, but today's He-Man simply must see well to squish homeless folks, right?


Quick! Does Palin know what NHTSA stands for? May I blow her off the stage with rhetoric? May I defecate indoors today? How about tomorrow? For the record, the T.O policemen said, "You can shine the light," and they might mean more than you think. Does Palin know what FBI stands for? $400K? Why, Hughes would be, as I like to taunt, "So in jail!" for similar accounting snafus.

FLASH FORWARD: United States Department of Justice, your computer passcode has been changed. The nice young Marine will redirect you back to your vehicle, because you will all be fired, and any documents related to the surnames HUGHES, LEONARD, GALLAGHER, & OLLINGER will be "carted' off to the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, where someone might be able to be a tad more objective regarding the content.

p.s. I seem to be almost killed daily, so I'll damn well ask: BOOB JOB, GOVERNOR? Nice.

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