Man of Inaction

Given my DNA has been driving them crazy--not the other way around--since at least 1779, it's so much fun, all of a sudden, to do as little as possible. A Hughes works until he drops, but I have learned a lesson or two in California, and one is: "If 'ye be a VIP, no need for a "d," as in "Decision."

I've read in books that with grandpa Howard Hughes, if you tried to pressure him into a decision, he would never call you back, or maybe "disappear." Did they not know? How could they not know, with a rumored to be nearly 100,000 page intelligence file on poor me?

"Type A?" You'd better believe it, but people, I can sit back and do nothing with the best of them. And, unlike protest demonstrations, it's easy to demonstrate I do not care what lousy spies & soldiers think--every damn day.

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