Get Obama's Blackberry Fresh Batteries: He's Gonna Need Them

Jodi! Jodi! Thanks to the Capitol Times in Madison, Wisconsin for helping with this nearly 30 year-old mess.

[The paragraphs below were double-spaced by double-idiot hackers--my apologies].

Business Week strikes again in rousing the rabble, which I did not think was a Bloomberg pastime, but I never thought I'd register Republican, either. Do you mean to tell me the wealthiest U.S. Persons under Bush tax cuts were paying an average of 17%? That's what I paid making $42,300! Holy Toledo! May I see your revolution, please? I'm too exhausted to help.

God save the Queen! Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States! No, it's the "Duke of Dirt," and Hollybunkers are twittering following a web-based review of assassination photos as prep to completing HUGHES SCREENPLAY #8. (No YouTube videos allowed--something about a plug-in that's not plugged-in).

Why don't you all empty-out 5300 Arsenal Street in St. Louis and send them to Thousand Oaks, California? The "Community Sanity Quotient" would go up, not down, I fear. Don't they love the mumbling, like, "Who's got the umbrella" as President Reagan is getting shot at. By John Hinckley? How about this book proposal, New York? Hughes interviews SIRHAN SHIRHAN, CHARLES MANSON, MARK DAVID CHAPMAN, and JOHN HINCKLEY.

Aw, they'll never go for it; too many history books would need to be recalled, and we saw what just happened with Toyota. It's bad enough when I click the Windows Fax and Picture Viewer to enlarge, so a fully equipped video/audio lab ain't gonna happen, or is it? How's Admiral McConnell's boxed set of Hughes recordings selling? No royalties? Oh, I'm royal, so I'm above all of that. Really? What if I skin my knee with no Medical? I'll call Hillary, I guess.

Where is oil boy John Hinckley in those photos from 03.31.81? Not doing any shooting, I hereby allege. Who is firing at Reagan? Who was that University of Wisconsin professor who gave me an "F" on a term paper for a supposedly unauthorized topic? For the record, we met for about a half-hour, and the topic was compare & contrast Parliament with the U.S. Congress.

The envelope, please: Professor HINKLEY. "Good evening, this is Mr. Hughes on KMOX 1120 AM. Let's go to Afton, and "Ed," what is your question or comment?" Not yet? When? Hey jackasses, I'm turning 55, and that's the speed I drive (when my cars aren't vandalized and/or totaled by spies). Saves gas, right Carter?

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