Cop Stop/Hoodie Hop

MAFIA CENTER DISCLAIMER: We control the horizontal. We control the vertical. We f--- with Hughes' blog, because we can.

A week or so ago, someone came out the door of the senior center and said, "Breaker one nine." What fond memories Hughes has of being run off the Interstate highway (I-55) in the FBC Blue/HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS Blue van that was not technically mine. It was equipped with a Citizen's Band Radio, and.....no one answered, no one cared about my predicament, but I'm still alive. Mother of Pearl! How do you like kids? Well done.

Is breathing a violation of a T.O. Ordinance? Not yet? No "BILL HUGHES EXCEPTION" allowed! Did the policeman really say, "I've not had the pleasure of stopping you yet"? Keep the bright light on? Yes, sir! And, how about that "hoodie" daring to sneak across the Mafia Man's lawn? "You scared me," I said in the dark. Black hood, black sweatshirt, black pants? California, it's not just a fashion statement is it? And I've only known this since when? Uh, June 2008 when my "stuff" disappeared.

Did the hoodie really smile and congratulate me on something or other? For the record, I got out of there fast, because "fortress homes" in oh so safe California communities tend to have spot lights rigged to motion detectors, barking doggies, and even pressure plates in the Zoysia grass to alert the occupants that a hobo or misdirected zombie is nearby.

Maybe that 18 year-old guy wants to get his own racket going and move in that house someday. More power to him! It's the 1947 system at work, right 90 year-old Mafia, 80 year-old .mil spooks, & 70 year-old Watergate spooks? You know I'm right!!!

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