Jesus Therapy

What kind of war is this, where I fight back by repeating these lines as needed to the surveillance crowd?

"I think if it's controllable, we oughtta just try to land it."
"You think so? Okay, let's head for LA."

DARPA Duds? So in jail!

"California is wild!" said The Arnold in Time Magazine, so how about I get my California LCSW and introduce you all to a new psycho-therapeutic treatment: Jesus Therapy. Can you see the ad in one of the many health-conscious (read obsessed) publications on the Left Coast? Slogan? Gotta have one, and mine would be, "Jesus Therapy--Your New Life Begins Today."

What is Jesus Therapy? Why, I'm going to raise you from the dead. Mafia Lawyers take note: I will need some "fine print" that excludes head-chopping cases, gunshots, and severe car accidents, because I'm no surgeon, nor do I play one on TV, I'm a psychotherapist. Assuming your corpse is in good shape, you'll rise from the dead, but I'm stuck on what kind of fee to charge.

What is more living worth after you're dead? As Firesign Theatre said in the early 1970's, "Whatever the market will bear." So, Hollywood overdose cases, you know where your boyfriend or girlfriend can go--assuming they want you back, that is. Would I hire a body-double to prove efficacy?

Hey, "Mr. Hues" needs some cash.

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