Under The HoliTortureDome: Part I

"Amazing" it is to Hughes that a credibly rumored sexual predator I've nicknamed "THE VEGAS DRIFTER" can ride up & down JANSS ROAD on his flamin' cycle when I was having a bit of S.O.B., and it was not from hollering at Thousand Oaks morons who enjoy hollering at me from their expensive automobiles. Is that guy RICK GOWDY's gift? MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH--So in jail!

The family sayings keep on coming, and a big one was/is, "He/she said it, I didn't." Don't we all love a McDonald's that fires its best worker in favor of illegal aliens, messes up drive-through orders to annoy, and provides the spy's beloved--in "T.O" anyway--"parking lot staredown." And, don't forget that "Funny Money" script the Catholics across the street give away, so the homeless can rub shoulders with drug dealers and move up in the world, if you get my drift.

I'm Catholic, so I've been recommending the LA Archdiocese pass the plate an extra time or two, because I may have a lawyer someday, or maybe even a whole firm full of them. "So in jail!" I've thundered, regarding "Our Lady of the Black Tee Shirt," and the more prosperous steeple with a miserly St. Vincent DePaul, where they keep a file on you without consent, run surveillance, and in my case, assume names from my screenplay characters, then "disappear." Don't ask the parish receptionist where the spooks went, because she's very skilled at playing it dumb.

Oh these spies, and their incessant efforts to change reality and change the story! Does the rest of the nation understand the Left Coast is on the verge of an odd variant of anarchy whereby anybody with money can get away with anything? But friends, don't dare get too noisy/nosey in a budget hotel, or sass the policeman--then it gets downright totalitarian.

The Hughes for President entourage will merely ask, "What do you want?" Total lockdown/total security, or a dose of Athens-like pluralism? "You can't have it both ways" is a favorite of the candidate; that's me, William C. Hughes.

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