This Is War

Girls, how do I get something like this going? Hop the White House Gate dressed like an Apache? The Apache helicopter was stolen from me, don't you know?

Hold on little intel Missie's, I've had about enough of this crap. There's only one Hughes eldest male, only one knows politics, and only one does not do "bad things," or provide funding for them. It's a lotta Howard, a little Charlie, and all Willie IV, honey. I'm not kidding about issuing an Executive Order someday calling for no more than 15-20 minute military commission trials, and BANG-BANG, TIMMY MCVEIGH soldiers eat lead in front of a firing squad. Without a doubt, MICHAELE and TAREQ SALAHI are being
rewarded for their behavior, and hey U.S. Marines, "nice job" knocking down photos on "The Web" of you posing with this slut.

I'm so damn rich & important, I don't seem to have a movie deal, or book contract, nor much cash to run for president. In fact, I sit around Thousand Thieves, CA awaiting my own murder, and this is George W. Bush "unacceptable," baby. Our U.S. Navy has been engaged in domestic spyin' since day one, Army is klutzy at it, Air Force will tell you they are doing it, and Marines, now you are in the "construction business" too, eh? SO IN JAIL!
Can you pass it down the soldier/sailor/airman line that spying post-discharge is highly illegal?

Hughes, you are a day late and a dollar short again, because this here slo-mo military coup is way down the track, isn't it? Good God, it took a Marine spygirl to let me know I got it wrong in my world famous, never published in the USA book, Gangster Nation. Soldiers are going to be selling cocaine? They've been doing it for decades, dummy, she non-verbally told me. And how about Ventura, California, circa 2008, back when I had a Ford Focus with a jacked ABS braking system? Still couldn't get me, could you? You dumb-ass soldiers! Marching, marching, and when H-man says to himself and the Focus bugs, "These look like active military boys," you know I'm right!

So, the 40-something year-old reservist from Vermont goes to Iraq and gets his ass killed (a lot), and the "fresh" high school drop-out soldier is going to make scenic Ventura County his location for secret nutjob military drills, obstacle courses, and looking fearsome to local homeless hippies and drug dealers. My obstacle courses are called RALPH'S & VONS, but dear God, you can kill me now, because now I know why the fat lady was stuck in the isle of SCHNUCKS & DIERBERGS, plus we've all got 300 coupons and returns, right?

Right! It all makes sense if you live long enough, as with the little Jewish ladies in Florida bringing their bric-a-brac crap back to delay the great Hughes for a few more minutes when the poor guy didn't even know why he was being delayed, all of the freakin' time. And, as for the many Cuban guys sitting with me in Dunkin' Donuts, I knew who you were, but not who I was. Fan clubs everywhere, and no capital--it's enough to make me a Marxist.

Not to worry, as later I saw a C-130 trim the trees of a local Thousand Oaks church, as did two F-15's at my way too famous former residence, 911 St. Rita Avenue in Clayton, MO. Plus, I've recently spied the activation of "CIA Acidheads," and don't you know they: A) Made a hell of a lot of money since Timothy Leary days; B) Know computers well; and C) Are up to something, don't ask me what. Back when my intel knowledge was all from published material in the "free world," I thought, as with all spying matters, Harry Truman had a number of reasons for unleashing the CIA on us.

However, I never guessed the good reasons would include rebellious armed forces, visitors from very, very, far away spying on the development of our "A-Bomb," the "activities" of my own grandfather, Howard Hughes, natural-born mind readers, ESP types who really have such talents, as well as to guard against more mundane collectivist schemes, bad guy "terrorists" (before we called them that), foreigners stealing "military secrets," etc. etc. etc. Wow! Now I'm doubting RICHARD HELMS burned the MKULTRA files, and suspecting our "SS," namely the Secret Service, carted them off to a highly undisclosed location.

USA, this has got to be considered a problem, but as I often point out, the policeman still travels in a car made of steel & plastic with rubber tires. He, as I joke, is mainly concerned with the size of his "direct deposit," and I know I'm right, because I really did work for a state government, I really did ride shotgun with the cops, flirt with a really--ahem--fit bicycle cop, get scared by a female cop who drove like her gender tends to, plus I really did answer calls, ask the nature of the problem, and a guy said, "He has threatened the life of the President of the United States." Always a joker, but in that instance, I can be totally JOE FRIDAY, and I really did say, "We'll get right on it." (Stopping the would-be assassin, not helping him, and Mafia, you just can't turn this stuff around, but I could be artificially homeless for many more months, or even years, unless somebody steps up to the plate in my behalf).

Do I have to get "radical" or something? Is this required? How about the fact that Japan's whole government can resign, and guess what? The newspaper is published, the subway comes, sushi is on the table, stocks are traded, ATM machines still spit out cash, the kids go to school, a campy TV show is on in the evening, and.....life goes on. Couldn't Joe Biden pick a whole new Cabinet? It would be legal, right? I think I'll try to e-mail Ron Paul.

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