Prisons For Palin

HEY BLOG FANS, DON'T MISS "100 m.p.h. FASTBALL," back a few postings, because Google-dee-goo has it "rigged" whereby the start date of the piece is the order it goes up. Got server money? I'm trying to run for president, son.

Hey Clayton, Missouri policeman. Do you remember seeing that swarm of Alaska license plates around ST. RITA AVENUE & SAN BONITA? How about the Doberman attack on me you responded to? It was the third of three, and given I was cut by doggie toenails, I actually called you. Nice guy "Bill" said, with blood running down his leg, "I'll give you a call if it gets infected."

WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR #5 says, "Hypnotized cops! Cocaine cartel protectin' coppers! Secret police in black & white cars? Failed experiment! I want my colonies back!"

Hey Soldier Boy, why not ask again if I've been "in the military." The answer? "I joined the English Navy in 1779," and don't call the damn cops, you little high school dropout pussy.

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