Meet McCain/Palin, Nuclear Terrorists

For better or worse, what's another of my many slogans? "They show me everything," and I don't think that's a real one. It's CURT WELDON pictured? Didn't he get arrested? Oh, that one is not Curt Weldon. The parrot is dead, the parrot is not dead, etc. etc. etc. Cuckoo-birds! And as for Mr. Hughes, the OMNIPOTENT THEY hear my lament daily: "I miss my 1,400 rock & roll albums. Penske, you have to give them back, because someday, the policeman will force you to. I've got no girlfriend, and I think Penthouse/Playboy would term Ralph's Cart 729 a 'turn-off,' right? I don't get out much, and my, Soldier Boy is awfully stingy with his Internet. Ah, but what if I get to make a movie? Below the line, I worked all of my life at mostly crappy jobs, but you can show up late if you want."

LET'S ADD IT UP SHALL WE? Concord, New Hampshire + Nukes in the 30 Centre + Hillary's body-double shaking hands with a real & unafraid Bill Clinton + NO APPEARANCE BY BARACK OBAMA + Hughes invited to big McCAIN speech + TV cameras pointed at H-man instead of Kucinich campaigners + Ron Paul's "street people" and Hughes in concord within the Concord city limits + cameras on Hughes chatting with Huckabee Youth + a stellar behind the back shot of the Hughes Boy (where's the photo?) exiting his polling place on primary day + a poll worker volunteer giving up yet another renumbered city block to achieve more Hughes residence "number kookery" + the police spokeswoman referring to a "Wicked Witch" identity thief + the state police gunning big cop car engines to get in
front of the Hughes Ford Focus, not behind it like a bad guy + Secretary of State Gardner's people peering over reading glasses (are you deep in the file?) at Mr. Hughes + the old HH GULFSTREAM, olive green, out at the airport + the "family jet," white, I never knew we had passing clues on the aircraft, per usual + Castro's Back Room staff (cigar shop) saying, "Anything can happen" (like me ending-up stuck serving as POTUS) + did this really happen?:

Hughes paces around the apartment.

I know what you're doing up there. It's a game spykids played, but I didn't know all of that. It's called "Pin The Tail On The Donkey," and it ain't gonna work. I know what you've got up there.

SOUND: A SCUFFLE upstairs.

HUGHES (cont'd)
Oh shit!

Hughes puts on a coat, grabs his laptop, briefcase, and quickly goes out the back door, through snowdrifts, over a concrete retaining wall, and onto a perpendicular street. An elegant OLD SPY in a black topcoat stands on the sidewalk.

The Old Spy brushes his hands together, signaling "That's all taken care of."

Hughes trudges through the snow past him.

HUGHES (cont'd)
Aw, fuck. What is this?

SOUND: A WHISTLE in the distance, as if summoning a dog.

He said it, not me. "Just another homeless guy, eh?"

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