That Guy's Botherin' 'Ya

"Fresh Market," eh? Shopping some human beings? Why? You be spyin'? I guess I should thank AL GORE for working on the Briley Parkway so much when, uh, yet another Air Force girl was making me like Mormons even less. Who was WILLIAM GAY? Trivia: For fabulous prizes, name the first name of the "Two Date Wonder" King William used to shake the "gay" label. Stumped? Try MONICA. Who was supplying B.J.'s to who? Loo-(like the nickname for St. Louis, MO)-in-(she sure got in, but not "in" enough to be really having sex, right Clinton?)-ski-(why was the girl who lived across the street at #6 The Byway, Ithaca, NY about 5 ft. 11 in., typically seen in skiwear, Bond movie beautiful, and asked me if I wanted to learn how to ski?) Don't know, but I've got theories, because they are free to construct. Girls? I fooled you all, because me momma (who "they" murdered) said to stay away from them. Girls, girls, girls.....don't trust 'em, boys.

Bill & Hillary? Fox News, it takes a "liberal" to throw them in jail. And by the way, who are "they?"

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