Missing Items, Missing Persons

LLC? that ain't gonna save your butts after Hughes gets going, not "rolling."

In 1977, en route to The Netherlands, Hughes thought, "A bit choppy, yes, but the big engine says 'Rolls Royce' on the side. We'll be fine." Did they have to leave the door open? For an additional thought of, "Wow, those guys are flying the plane," that is (a few feet away, gentle readers). People, you were not supposed to do that, even back then. MORE TRIVIA: Q: Where did the Boeing 707 Captain sit, somewhere over the June, 1977 North Atlantic, when he wasn't on the flight deck? A: Behind Hughes, of course! Hey, when you are 21 years-old, and on your first STEVE MILLER "Big old jet airliner," you don't ask questions, like, "Captain why are you sitting behind me?" (Isle Seat, for the record). Yes, my fellow Americans, it would take a few more months for me to be DELTA Airlines Force brave and take a window seat to watch everybody break FAA separation regs and...what? Are you "crazy?" No, but it sure looked like your plane was flying into my Delta plane. (That's back before Southwest Airlines became the cheap St. Louis - Chicago ticket, then they started their antics with H-man. Got any money, SW Air? I wrote one of your 737's into my new screenplay).

Back to the "flashback," they knew who I was, didn't they? They knew what my fake buddy was up to as well, didn't they? No hash in an Amsterdam hash bar? They hid under the counter, just like EXXON MOBIL clerks hide from me in gas stations (back when I had a car). How about the intel world famous "Dominican Man" in the WENDY & U.S. 101 Mobil, who said, regarding banks that should have flat-out failed, "Uh, do you think somebody, like, uh, maybe stole all of that money?" Mr. Hughes is, among other things, the ED MCMAHON of American politics, as I replied, "You are correct, sir!" Next day, the Sheriff was out there--welcome to Ventura County, eh? Where did those official green "CONEJO COUNTY" road signs go? How about the BRYAN ROAD sign in Virginia? Or was it Maryland? It was Virginia. In Maryland, where did the SUPER 8 MOTEL go? Where did the USPS Post Office go? America, you know you are important when "they" tear-down the hotel you stayed at with .mil spooks, and move the Post Office. They sure try to disorient the Hughes, don't they? What did daddy say? "Pick a landmark." Amen!

Back to 2010, who's next to "Walk the plank?" How about ROBERT MUELLER, III? Why? The FBI is not supposed to go looking for cocaine, are they? Is that still their job? In 1977, it was, but only if you are named HUGHES, right? Right! "Saturday Night Massacre?" I do not like that violent metaphor; how about one by one, until little Barack is all alone?

For your amusement, in chronological order of disappearance, as the maternal side of the family said, here's a list of things that "sprouted legs and walked away."

(1974) The "It's the End of the World" Associated Press (AP) "ticker" paper. (I-Pod people, you will not know what a ticker is, will you? GONE!!!

(1978) Letters from an Israeli spygirl's kibbutz. GONE!!!

(1983) College yearbook? Surely you jest! LC Lions, lock 'em up, and maybe I am talking "spy code" here. GONE!!!

(2007) Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff (hardbound), with a note from Mrs. Hughes. GONE!

(2008) Everything I've Ever Owned. GONE!!! (Don't think so...right LAPD?).

(2010) Mr. William Charles Hughes. NOT GONE!!!

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