Liberal? Meet Canada's Nazi-Mounties

May I visit London again someday? Hey Dave, why are the "ditch points" for my Space Shuttle GANDER, NEWFOUNDLAND and SHANNON, IRELAND? Those are two places I visited briefly on my only trip outside of the United States in 1977, because airliners need jet fuel, don't they? Oh, I "died" on the trip because it was, "In the black?" Caught smuggling drugs in Europe? Not so, Ding-Dongs, my bankers conveniently went deaf, a condition that persists in contemporary Zurich, but the battle flags in our consulate back then were way cool. The president asked what I thought of him in real-time? JIMMY CARTER, so in jail!!!

I've surmised the shuttle is about "done," right? And, it is 100% true I called USA's Military "Space Truck" a piece of excrement in 1978, and man, does NASA hold grudges. Did I really say, "Jesus! Why not a solid coating? The tiles will fall off!" ESP? No, Howard Hughes' grandson, you big dolt, and they always strategically put a Popular Mechanics or Popular Science in the laundromat, didn't they? U.K., I need more than your consular bitch sneaking up on me at Starbucks. Did I mention I do not spy? And, BTW, our Head of State is..."So in jail!"

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