Sam 60/Hani No 60: What the Hell is That?

HughesForPresident@yahoo.com e-mail preview (don't steal the box name before I can open it, please):

"After a lifetime of voting for Democrats, I registered as a Republican in the 2008 New Hampshire Primary to cast a vote for Ron Paul. At the time, under siege in a rather obvious "Mafia House" into which I was lured, I had a feeling that affiliation would not change."

Hughes the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) was a thorough and conscientious guy. Upon being assigned new cases or patients, he would read every word of the documentation that in the LCSW world is called an "assessment." What do you spies call your secret analysis of what's between the ears? Don't know, don't care. Is it trillions of U.S. Dollars, or royal title generating apathy? Who knows? What I know is, I had a patient I came to call "SAM-SAM," because he called another hospital staff member "Kay-Kay."

Sam's introduction? He stood in my only doorway (also popular with maintenance staff) and blocked any potential exit as he threatened me, and though Sam-Sam is much larger, I was decidedly not afraid. What's that office number, Governor NIXON? Oh, H-07, right? It's still there isn't it, or did space aliens carry the hospital away to a galaxy identified only by a letter and number? No, it's still there, and why so cocksure?

First, my review of Sam-Sam's records told me he was in the same town at the same time as ace 9/11 pilot HANI HANJOUR. This I knew, because I can read--been doing it since age 4 or so; maybe three and a half, but you'd have to ask the USAF, Army, or Navy about that. Why did George W. Bush fight the concept of a 9/11 Commission like a tiger? Hughes' patient in Arizona next to Hani? "Friends" meeting in Georgia at the same time as hijackers? "Friends" in Las Vegas with hijackin' boys? "Friends" getting 100 m.p.h.+ speeding tickets in the Great State of Florida between Sarasota and Ft. Lauderdale?

Q: Where was the President of the United States on 09.01.2001?

A: Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Q: Where did TWA passengers break into applause upon hitting terra firma with H-man aboard? (Something about "Really bad wind shear," said the Captain).

A: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

No friends, and who needs enemies? I'm John Lennon, waiting to get shot, right? Wrong! "Yoko" is tardy, and you are all "Goin' to jail," as I am fond of saying. ESP? "Remote viewing" powers? No, rocks and bottles tossed at me in Thousand Thieves, CA & Westlake Village of the Damned, CA. Not okay, CHP. Back to Sam-Sam, how did he "elope," or escape, from 5300 Arsenal Street? As with the legendary LLOYD GRASS, I suspect, like my Irish Lockerbee inquisitor said, that "The fix was in."

"Why were you smoking crack?" I asked. "Bill, I had to," replied Sam-Sam. "What!? Picked-up hitchhiking, and you had to smoke crack? I don't get it. Why?" He said, "Bill, you just don't understand." And, I still don't, but I do know why Bush took so long to read goat stories, watch the WTC towers burn on TV, and leisurely made his way to VC-25A. No rush, right? Ooops! The phones don't work on the airplane, known more widely as "Air Force One." "Unacceptable!" said Mr. Bush, and given Hughes deals in facts, please, look it up, as I will look up Sam-Sam...someday.

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