Liberal Republican! Sorry, We're Outta Time

It has been three years since my helpful computer guy removed Internet Explorer 7 and got I.E. 6 back on my machine, and guess what? It worked better. In California, people aren't too talkative, but when I mentioned the old neighborhood's penchant for, as with cars, "souping-up" old Microsoft products, the comment was, "Yeah, they don't support the earlier versions, so nobody cares."

I don't know computers, but on this point, I doubt I'm guessing. I get my property back from PENSKE and...it's WINDOWS 95 baby, plus WORD 97 on the very first computer I owned, right .mil spooks? Right Maf-IA? Right .gov types? Right! Kinda slow at 200 mz, however, so I guess I'll rush to Best Buy and...not get shot on the parking lot, right? Right!

Hughes wants fast, Hughes wants a hard drive, not "clouds," Hughes wants a little camera to videoconference with big-shot corporate types, Hughes understands that you can just about make a feature-length movie at home that will look good, and Hughes might even go back to places FASTRANS, BRICK NETWORK, and i-NET sent me due to over 50% porn link e-mail. Add dating services, penis enhancement, lost Nigerians, and that was my mailbox 1997-2007.

To be continued...everyone likes me now? Why not distract me...in a good way.

Blackmail? Don't you get it? Yes, I went one click into the XXX sites, and it seems a radio personality who complained about the porn-laden Internet provider ended up dead. Police detectives are supposed to look for "patterns," are they not? How about the radio turned TV newslady who also ended-up squashed and dead in her lil' BMW on I-270? Seems Hughes had given her some scoop on mental health system issues before the "big bang." HINT: Look at these gals husbands, not me. Death is permanent, don't you know? (Pardon me, Californians are so crazy, I feel compelled to point this out from time to time).

Yessireee, early campaigning would consist of sitting on the edge of a college auditorium stage and asking 18-21 year olds about S-E-X, because the out of control U.S. libido has moved way past this quasi-Freudian stick in the mud. Add the "homeless quotient," and I'm really in the dark & dirt--no "spy talk" here. No secrets, either, as the senior citizens of Kaiser Permanente-land have given me another idea.

Why not buy my very own Glomar and go nuke-fishing? Stealthier, faster, cheaper...hey, this ain't your grandpa's Hughes out here. I want a sub, too, Admiral Cuckoo-Duck, so here's the "cover." Create an oil spill, hire a PR firm, and PRESTO! It's "Hughes the environmentalist," working diligently on new scrubby methods to clean up the mess.

Really, I'd love to be coveting a U.S. gov'ment nuke, if I went that route. Air Force lost it, Navy never bothered to go get it, and...are we having fun yet? Or, didn't another sub that was owned and operated by you know who...like, uh, sink?

History repeats itself. Just ask the French.

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