Melanie Easy Street

Melanie, where art thou KPLR Melanie? Did I not live on MELANIE STREET? Don't lie spies, the policeman let me use his car battery on Melanie, to launch a big fat rocket that "disappeared" from my closet, as many things do in the life of a Hughes. It looked suspiciously like the Space Shuttle and its solid fuel.....never mind. Melanie, didn't your partner, DAN GRAY, stand behind me the last time I was permitted to vote in the United States of America?

Oh Melanie, airplanes are real, because Howard flew Lockheed Constellations to get away from a-holes, and he was such a "communist," he toted the passenger's bags as well. It's true, because I saw a photo of him in his snazzy TWA uniform on that Soldier Boy's Internet, but now, it is surely "gone," because that's the way it goes in this "War of the Rodents." But Melanie, I'm not one of them, and more to the point, I was always a big fan of yours, so, like, what's your marital status?

Mr. Hughes, Just another St. Louis boy

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