Big Bang Theories

Clogging-up the Blogosphere today, I am, as drama builds in the old folks center computer lab, where H-man muttered, "Where did the cop go?" and "Where's Hinckley?" [More later, conspiracy buffs]. Golly, there's sure a lot of people in Thousand Thieves, California wearing color schemes like the umbrella above. Who's umbrella was that, Secret Service? Do I have to digitally enhance old video? New saying?: "Just add money, and they're all in jail."

Not that long ago (2007), an African-American coworker and I agreed the best thoughts of a thinking person's day occur when you first awake, and in the shower. Given a crass, eight-year U.S. Government torture program run on me, that has prohibited regular bathing for 17 months now, the 06.06.10 wake-up thought was about how Soldier Boy's Internet is referred to as "The Net," as with fishing, or "The Web," calling to mind spiders and flies.

I here allege that is exactly what the Internet is being used for--to trap naive and/or apolitical types into trouble they did not bargain for when they reserved that .net .org. or .com space. As with parking spots in equatorial orbit, there are so many "publishers" out there, new letter combinations have been invented to put after the dot. Gee Beav, I need my own server time like Reagan rented his microphone, but I suppose as long as I don't violate the Google service agreement, the government can go ahead and fall the nice way.

Hey nutjobs! Spittin' King is here, so holding back truth with allegations of "crazy," won't work, and never did. It's all about the Dollar Bill, isn't it? Well, stooopid, this is Bill, and you don't have to like me, but reality did not get bartered away in a T.O. garage sale, or did it? Try as "they" may to distort the Descarteian real the following statement is true. Twice in a month's time, before I could protect them, one of two U.S. 25 cent pieces have disappeared in my hand. The word disappeared is not in quotes, because that is what happened. Angry, yesterday I pitched the other Quarter across Starbucks' parking lot and exclaimed, "Here, have another one!"

FACT: More than one nation, and more than one private enterprise are playing around with wormholes. The technology is not difficult to understand, and with the previous Hughes generation, our expression was, "It's not rocket science." Mine? How about, "It's not quantum physics." So, we are apparently having a civil war and WWIII at the same time in "secret?" Not a good idea, when ICBM's can still ruin your day. Surprised I am that the computer lab spies are not looking like they want to kill me over this post, which is actually more worrisome. Been spied-on your whole life? Didn't think so.

I'm not posting "Leon the Hitman," or "Central Intake?" Oh yes I am, Panetta-twits, and by the way, you are out of money. The fancy government terms are "entitlements" and "discretionary spending," which are concepts I intend to simplify on the stump in laying waste to Gov. Palin and any additional do-nothing governors as, "BUILD ANOTHER BOMB, OR POWER-UP GRANDMA'S LIFE SUPPORT. YOU CAN NOT DO BOTH."

USA is flat out of hard cash, the "black" economy of drugs, porno, and secret .mil gizmos has swamped the white, and I've only been warning of this for over 25 years. Brother, if you think I knew about the oil, money, aerospace, or spyin', I'll see your butt in court. Add "lost" King Willie V to the equation, and smoke & mirrors will not be applied to my money, as was done to the Social Security Trust Fund for decades. Heavily-armed paupers we are, and I'll be more than happy to take my colonies back if you don't shut-up and back off the busiest homeless man in America.

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