We have some, too? Is this permissible? Is this legal? I shall ring-up the head Negro.

Alright, what's annoying the Cali-fornia spies? May I make fun of you, as did me mum? And, big kook, know that you CANNOT "drive me crazy." Certain people may indeed "get in good" with the real Hughes by simply saying stuff like, "That Diana, she's crazy!" Thanks. Where did "PAT STIENER" go? Does anybody in this town have a real name? The whole County of Ventura? Nice to meet you, I'm "HOWARD HIGGENBOTHAM."
No? How about a story you all want to (not) hear, because I can write, and Howard could't. It's an early form of gene-splicing that involved sexual intercourse. No dancing, no singing, and I just explained to some old lady this morning it was buy a Bass guitar or build your own radio station, and I chose the latter. Not the real one? "My amp (never) goes up to eleven." It's a movie joke, morons!

America, What Don't You Understand About Homeless? (c)2011 William C. Hughes.

One, two, three...steal it! Ho, ho, ho, I have not written it yet. Could I interest New Yawk in Shame of the Sane or Gangster Nation (excuse me, I have a really nasty e-mail to send to the Secret Service).
Could someone wake Chuck up? He needs to be "Mirandaized." Running spies? Me? I don't know where "the guys" are, or what they are doing, and the whole old fogey center hears me say, almost daily, "I don't know." I'm lying? Bring on a Russian girl with some drugs. Or, fire-up mind reading devices. Did "George of the Jungle" Noory make himself useful last night? He did! More "lemons to lemonade!" I left the Go Bell "Computer Lab" yesterday with tachycardia because of a nasty device? Oh, I already know what it is, girls. Plugs & jacks...Hughes knows them. Underground power lines in Richie Rich's neighborhood? Never! Mafia(s), I want my AC power cleaner thingy back, as it was one of the best middle-class investments I've made. My vacuum tube factory in Eastern Europe we can get to later. (Don't mess with the man carrying a machine gun at the gate--he might shoot your ass).
To the "Paranormal from Coast to Coast Department."
Hughes is allowed to breathe, barely.
Hughes is not allowed to have sexual intercourse.
Hughes is not allowed to procreate.
Hughes is, as of 12.09.10 at approximately 1:30 a.m., no longer allowed to have an erection.
Natural rights? Constitutional rights? Civil rights? You non-humans and warped people are fighting a big war right out in the open, and, uh [the aviation "uh"] many know of this, but as my slogan goes, "They don't talk too much." A few words that were not mine? "Some of these people out here aren't human." He's ADD! That's the ticket to a Guardian/Conservator! He's ADD! No sir, I think the United States Army (St. Rita Avenue to the north), and the United States Air Force (St. Rita Avenue to the south)* thought my early campaign commercial ideas were funny, whereas now I want to know the identity of all foreign spies you bootlickers were running with. FBI was digging up Pine Lawn, Missouri? As my MAUI character says in #8, "Uh huh."
Here's the new one, shitheads:
See the aircraft carrier photo above? We wait for a windy and/or choppy sea day. (Never mind my barfing--I'll get over it).
A not-American-made jet approaches. UP with the AUDIO. Don't know what y'all say at the big jet-catching device, but I have <yawn> seen it in the movies. [Shameless promo: Don't you spies and unscrupulous fans of hughes screenplay #8 love CAPTAIN MALLORY--named after a capacitor company, super-sleuths-- and his "These people hate everything" lines? Is it snowing in Ohio? When are we departing? Never mind]

I think on the big boat it might be something like, "Oh no! Don't do that! Mates, he's in the drink, for real! Oh my God! Call the fire control guy, or whatever his title is! Aw shit!...yeah! Oh, f***! He did it!


William V is seen yanking on cables & such, not his pud, right .mafia?

As the airplane gets dragged away, I turn to the camera and say, "Never had any interest in the Navy. Air Force was mentioned one time. Now, I'm running for president."

The UK PILOT strolls by and says, "What a screw job!"

I glance at him and say, "You got that right."

Face the nice, big, digital camera, William.

"And, you'd better get it right on November __."


I have one, Gardner. When's the election?
cancelled by Nazis
no, it's not

For details, see Hughes v. Whitlock and Hughes v. Pless et al, filed in the feral, excuse me, Federal Courts, USA.

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