Holy Toledo! No Russians will be attacking with this sort of image on Pravda, as "they" might choose, through free will absent in USA, to have a piece of that. Rick, is it warm in here? Four batteries away from "What is Andrea Wearing Today?" we are.

yeah, yeah, yeah...I tell the mafia(s) and .mil "wide bodies" smoking was determined to be harmful by USA's pre-.gov Surgeon General in 1964, but as with me mum, it kind of calms me down. (So I don't twist your stalkin' head off, and so forth).

Hey kooks, let's play discordant Christmas music all day at the Old Alzheimer's Center (OAC), when HOWARD HUGHES JR. was not born on Christmas Eve. That said, y'all sure try to kill me on that need to read some Koran real fast holiday, but as the vc Sheriffs, incoming & outgoing know, my policy is your dead body in the middle of Janss Road, and I'll block traffic so someone "Calls the cops," because it is the right thing to do, and they might even come (someone stole my cell phone at the Lutheran Church).

Whew! That Denver rock station sure features young fellows singing about death a lot, but I did like Zevon's "Things to Do When You're Dead In Denver," not because it's very good song, but, uh, the novelty factor can't be beat, and, well, he would probably knew about where you can readily turn up dead, before he died of lung cancer I could have stopped, should crusty old near-cadaver Nazis give up the HHMI. GOT COGNITION? use it!


TOWER: "What 'ya wanna hear?"

PILOT: "Gimmie some 'Poundcake'."

Excuse me, that's the KLOS quote of the day. I'd better leave kshe-land and check-in on them like ALICE COOPER'S daughter, who played a nurse in the Asylum part of his show.

Is she single?

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