To Arms! To Arms! The Americans Are Still There!

Let's review my armamentarium. This is the "yuk-yuk" blog.
hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com is the "eclectic" blog.
hughesvision2013.wordpress.com is the new, I really am running for president blog (with an all time high of $124 of not my money funding to report to the Federal Election Commission next month).
Hold on to your hats, because williamhughesistheking.blogspot.com is not a "mafia joke" about "kings," because when you go to that address, at least as of last evening, the "inside" title, not web address, to be more specific, is "William Hughes Is The U.K. King."
No? I got paintballed, and the Prince of Wales got paintballed.
Will you please shut up, mind your own business, and do not drive drunk on New Year's Eve?
[bring on a spy to say, "It is a good thing to drive drunk."]

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