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Number One record in the nation, eh? I agreed with ew, not et, when I heard it. Mediocre. Boring. So mafia. Where? On "Darrel's Radio," which is a bit like that "Mexican Radio" one hit wonder album in the...<skip,skip,skip,skipper>PENSKE TRUCK. He got kicked out of the U.S. Navy for what? Jesus! I knew already it was hard to get booted from that particular organ-i-zation. What are you looking at? Help is help, you lousy c---sucker.

Disabled? Could not drive the what truck? O-I-L? Oil truck? Where's that BP guy, and I'm talking about the Japanese free blood pressure check man, not British Petroleum. As "Ricky" says, I'll "Roll them up" later. EXXON VALDIZ? Got a gusher in the deep? What did I say all BUTA'ed? "If that much oil were leaking, Navy would use a 'lil nuke to cap it." Me? In "trouble?" No, you Paul Simon country boys & Desperate Houewives are in William the 5 deep doo-doo.
Delusional? Me? My foot is about a foot, so that's the LOHAN unit 8 feet away. Plus, Carl's tables are bolted down to prevent spy-cheating. What was she doing? I'm modest, so I looked away. May I have another peek? Where's those nosy photogs? Well, they got a shot of me with the skinniest Santa I've ever seen, and didn't Andrea 2.0 look lovely?
fabulous! maavelous!

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