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Why the handbag? TOP SECRET!!! First, we go to "Bobby," The Legendary Bobby, on cutting your own hair in reflective old folks center "cuckoo glass," just like at Missouri mental hospitals, so you can't get in, or out: "That way, you get it just how you like it." (Whatever than means to spies). RAIN DELAY ON WORD PRESS BLOG: I knew I'd forget a few Hollywood peek-a-boo names, so thank heavens totalitarians shut-off the weenie-fi. Initials of woulda been omitted names, please: "B.S." & "C.C," and I'm absolutely not employing any "spy code." This weekend, Nazis and Commies are looking forward to rain again, as Hughes will not get wet, will not get pnemonia, or bronchitis, nor will he be killed by sadists at LOS ROBLAS, a hospital I can't afford a helicopter out of, but grandpa Howard made Apaches for the U.S. Army. Now spykids, it still looks the same, so don't complain when I'm strafing your asses from a new one...okay?

...ground to grow their own vittles. The local youth don't know their history, but they did apprehend why from the CHP to local coppers, no lawperson cares too much about where my missiles went. How about up Mafia asses during during four glorious years of Hughes rule? As I have bragged, "I've got satellites, LASERS, drones, and shit." I won't shoot a "U.S. Person?" In the U.S.? Try 8 years of torture + running for president out of a shopping cart = "Fire at will," because I don't think highly secretive mafia(s) are all that secret in an age of BUTA (Bugged-Up-The-Ass). Pass the sea salt & lime with olive oil chips, please.
New blog features?
"What's Andrea Wearing Today?"
"Mafia Billiard Room Spooky Hint of the Day"
"Latest Famous South American Author Spotted"
Would I ressurect my nifty FUJI camera and put all of your Flyin' Triangle Chasin' weird-assed photos up on Soldier Boy's Internet? As our "Schoolmarm" says, too often lately, "It's a public building." Spying on Hughes? You're famous, buddy! (If not in the County Jail--not yet, as this is starting to be, maybe, approaching what "we" could, in a stretch, term, "fun").
Yes, with that mighty RALPH'S GIFT CARD, I could perhaps purchase four (4) DURACELL AA BATTERIES ("The coppertop battery") and say "Go to hell!" to that big Saint Louis EVEREADY Energizer Bunny. "Honey, these batteries don't last too long," all of America is saying. And, didn't that man--yeah, that man--from the, I think, organ-i-zation near a fort, say, "Oh, that baby eats batteries; you'll need to get the charger." You talkin' "spy code" at the [REDACTED BY LAX MICE]? That swipe of my VISA CARD never happened, so now you're getting Hughes v. Federal Reserve Bank, and all far right and way left kooks may watch on C-SPAN, or perhaps COURT TV, but from what I've seen in California, a state/republic that supposedly leads the nation, a Jerry Springer "My boyfriend beat my ass and took the wide-screen plasma TV with him" judge will achieve higher ratings--by a long shot.
So happy I am that presumed neo-Nazis who mess with computers through "mentalist" tricks shut down my "name names" piece last evening, because as I listen to ATC, I must inquire, "Crashed any Airbus jets lately?" Does the Airbus or Boeing Computer Voice say, "You're screwed, you're screwed, can't pull up, you're screwed" when "they" jack the computer on an airplane, and it's not like the old days Howard told me about under cover where you simply release the "Autopilot." Did I not select the Airbus 340 as my imaginary "campaign plane" in 2006 with, much like the great TODD RUNDGREN and UTOPIA sang in 1982, "The Army on one side, Air Force on the other." What happened next, crazies? The Airbus 320 & 340, previously two of the safest airliners in the sky, started crashing--a lot.
The revised plan? WHUMP-WHUMP. WHUMP-WHUMP. Hey PETA members and murderers operating animal rescue shelters for "cover," ever run over a critter on the open road? What's that sound? WHUMP-WHUMP. And, who was that? Oh, SARAH PALIN, MITT ROMNEY, and the rest of that "scrubby-bubble" GOP gang when I get a bus and some real money. Never cheated on your spouse? No drug money in the family, eh? Get scared, very scared, if Mr. Hughes decides to go, as you Developmentally Disabled Freudian spy-kooks possibly term it..."fishing." Did that grandma and I go eat fried fish on Friday? More than once? "Run, run, it's the cops!"//"Run, run, it's the mafia!"//"Run, run, it's Hughes!" some things never change.
During Go Bell internet difficulties, did I really print-out and read some NOAM CHOMSKY? Good for the GOP soul, I say, and who wants to argue on Rupert Murdoch's TV screens? [SILENCE] So quiet in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village lately. Perhaps I can review a war crimes piece from a 1971 Yale Law Review, but not at the GRANT R. BRIMHALL library, because old spooks that built that library are probably still criminally liable on Nuremberg stuff, as they are really, really, old. However, that said, may I "confess" I kinda like some of "the guys," as they call themselves. Tell me the "Free World" is not patriarchal, and I'll eat my dirty SCULLY hat.
Did the you-know-who's really "gift" me something to save my screenplay on? I love you, too, and did I mention if it ever happened, "You're fired!" Heeere's Noam (what kind of a name is that?), as follows:
"A war crime is any war crime that you can condemn them for, but they can't condemn us for."
.gov careerists, I know you will think about it, but only a little.

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