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How about this "inside joke" kids? The model of my Spruce Goose next to that drug smuggler favorite, the DC-3 is, if you look to the right, someplace with tile and a drinking fountain ("bubbler" in Wisconsin) just like the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER, where I sit at this moment. How many thousands of "coincidences" do I need to get a few of my own Dollars, Euros, Swiss Franks, whatever. Reading my mind, creatures, for my latest theory on "World Domination," "New World Orders," etc. etc. etc. And, for the record, what did I just say to all present in the mafia Billiard Room? "You got a lot of crazy people in this town, and I'm not one of them."
No dissenters were heard.
Heavens to Betty! The WLUP DJ just muttered "Good luck" as he went to commercial, and their Internet thingy that enables you to listen to Home Depot and Droid commercials for free is the same as KSHE's. Gollllly! What was my White Impala Missouri license plate number, Jay so-in-jail Nixon? WGN 688, and all ca spykids should know that's a TV station in Chicago! Poor admittedly "stuck in the 70's" me does not know what a "Droid" is, but I think it is one of what I call "devices." Hughes is kind of like Larry Hagman as "J.R." in more ways than, "Son, I want my computer screen big, like Texas!"
How about that future video if I'm not murrrded in the CRPD doggie/cat walkin' park? It is me, William Hughes, campaigning for the presidency. I hear a BEEP I don't like, and there he goes again, pushing some stiff out of the way and hollering, "Are you media? You, yeah you! No? Get that f***ing thing out of here!" The device I want to hear is the American Mouth, not Silicon Valley devices. And, as for "The Valley of Silicon," all rabbits & squirrels in the park know what I'd like to do to you.
Meantime, have a nice day.

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