Left/Center/Right:HI/MED/LOW...Let's Go!!!

Getty, I do not want to chat with an "Image Specialist," but like any politician, I could sure use some $$$. Air Force HUGHES missile on the Left, and an Army HUGHES missile on the Right? Nazis, may I go pee-pee now?
I shall return, barring my murder, right mafia(s)?
I am the boss, yet many just won't admit it. How far from the old HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY property have I been encamped since September, 2008, when rather obvious Russians wrecked my car? Pardon me, while I check Mapquest. Thirty-six (36) miles, they say. One thousand, eight-hundred sixty three to "The Loo," and all CA creatures now know I'm going to save paper and ask a nice Federal Judge to shut down the you know what for "further investigation." Haunted?" No, it's a lot more complicated than that.
Speaking of the "We don't like to write many tickets" vc County Sheriff, seems his & her counterparts in la County don't either. How did the deputies responding to my car wreck not write MS. "SHEEHAB" a ticket? Her vehicle was not on the wrong side of the road? My little Ford Focus was not on the right side of the double-yellow line? My car was disabled. Her BLACK Cadillac Escalade drove away. Who's going to jail over this? I know the location. I know the date. I know her name, and "Frank's" fake name as an added benefit. I had PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. They had PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. I've still got their policy number, but I couldn't recommend that company.
They "disappeared?" No, she came to the Goebel Senior Adult Center to...uh, sit down, having gained a few pounds, sculpted a new hairdo, and boys, that posterior is one to expire for. What did the DoRight Royal do? I opened my arms wide on the front patio as our Woody Allen-type swing band swung inside and said, "Gurl, what do you want me to do? I am not a spy." She departed with suspected Russian grandparents, and that was that, until I make it as the laziest President of the United States ever.
That is when I shall haul her ass into my office and say, "Give me a reason to not lock you up and throw away the key." Not going to happen? Didn't I love the "VISION" chartered jet (red & white) for what I termed a "minnow swap"awhile back? By the way, are we making a movie around here? Where's Jonathan? Seen him lately?
$750,000 v. $750,000 + 2% of the net, and buddy, we can argue about the latter in NYC, but the check must be in the mail for the former. No? Oh, that's right, USPS won't deliver mail to me; something about U.S. presidents that don't like me. I'll just have to take their job, after I direct a movie, that is. Direct deposit, like the policeman? Is he still making Minimum Wage?Don't I love California? No, I don't. Could you lend me $50 to open a bank account? What are those Negroes at COMMERCE BANK saying to investigators? No investigation yet? No "mafia ride" for Hughes?
CHP, may I have a lift to Arizona?

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