USA .mil, he really was the 14th president, and have you taken your medication today, General?
Now wait a minute, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and Coast to Coast AM fans. I lived off of I-270 in Missouri (MO) for 15 years, HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, LLC is off I-270 in Maryland (MD), I sort of ran for president in New Hampshire (NH) in 2008, but my book did not get written, and I forgot the 101 sign above. Now, it's U.S. 101 in California? Do I have to push the RALPH'S CART 729 out on that baby like me mum would have to get you .mil, .mafia, and .gov asses to pay attention? I'll show 'ya two of something, alright. TWO AIR FORCES. TWO NAVIES, and I'm just not: OLD LANGUAGE: "mental disease or defect"--NEW LANGUAGE: "mental disorder." As for you? "Nuts." "Crazy." "Kooky." "Wacked." "Insane." "Out to Lunch." "Banannas." "Distracted." "Flipped-out." Get the "message?" Uh, USA's "Miranda" is always the same, right spooks?
Okay E.T.-chasers, here's the "plan."
We get out of a vehicle at the same place they tried to run me over in 2008. "Guys in the trees?" Of course, but this is just a guy with a topcoat like Bill Donovan and a gal. I know the way, so past the freindly lone security guard we'll go. Steps, no elevator. Anybody looking yet? Into the office, yeah that office. "Hi, how you all been?" "Sit down at the desk, Hughes," they will say. I guess we won't talk about the way N.Easterners drive next time, but it's better than the "We live in our car" West Toast types, and I'll swear to that.
I'll say, "Look at H.W. and those three limos. I saw that last time. Hillary, cute as a button, how about that? Oh, and there's the Coonskin Hat Man..he runs every time." They will ask, "Is she going to be your running mate?" What will I say? "I don't have one damn vote yet. What are you talking about?" Okay SS smartypants, how do we get out? Oh, don't you know New Hampshire? (gotta know them to win). The capitol small towners will act dumb up to a point, then "they" will come. Braying, honking, yelling, pushing, shoving, jockeying for position, crushing poor G-man's staff into a corner. (Hey, don't hit me with that mike boom, you big jackass!)
Here's my idea. The capitol dome pops off, doesn't it? And, "we" wheel-out the big QUAKER PUFFED OATS CANNON (which Hughes Aircraft made for the USA's Army Man long ago, but they hid one in there, just in case). She is shot out to the Concord Airport, a place I "skulked" around many times, was afraid to take a photo of my own very restored Gulfstream, got gassed like a WWII Jew in my own apartment few times, but nonetheless was brave or stupid enough to take a pic of the family no longer Lear but "Made in Brazil" job. It was all white as I recall, and I wondered, "Leased, or do we own it?"(I keep this kind of stuff to myself, CRPD park spies).
Anyhow, she can get on a jet that goes back to you-know-where, where I could not get to her [REDACTED BY E.T.] library. Traffic jam, big-time. (Not due to me, of course). I, at primary time, would have a White FORD FOCUS hidden somewhere, to go to Dunkin Donut, sit like a schizophrenic with a neo-Sony Walkman on my ears to prevent "spy chatter," read all about myself in the Concord Monitor, and the do-nothing Merrimack County Sheriff will have to do something besides crack wise.
ATTENTION ALL ca/t.o. SPIES: THE NEXT MOUSE CLICK TO NEW atc location WILL GIVE IT ALL AWAY. Don't you have a free "faith-based" fake homeless spyin' dinner to go to? I've got popcorn, dude. (and you sure as f*** can't have any).

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