"Welcome to Hollywood"

Do you live a life where every damn day it is another case of, "Who the f*** is this?" And, "What does he/she want?" Welcome to HughesWorld, and buddy, it is not anything like DisneyWorld. Here is a true story. When the family turned on Disney's Wonderful World of Color in Navy Grandma TV Black & White, little Billy said, "I don't like it." Cosmic! CRPD NEWS FLASH: Did I just tell "Trish The Park Policegirl" on Friday the #2 U.S. State Department man in Mexico City has the same name as a college chum? Is it him? Who gives a f***! How about that Saudi trivia? Now, we're talking (oil) business, son.

40 days & 40 nights of rain? May I turn on the telly and watch your very expensive homes slide down a hill? Nah, the Illuminati/Glitterati don't want that, so I'll get up to Little Pammy's Dollar Tree, Not-so-Safeway, and Starbucks, where I am now a bit like Moline Acres "Harvey the Cop," who never much minded all of the 1970's pot-smoking, because...well, why bother CIA spykids, and everyone knew but me, William V. I just flipped the pancakes, and as for all of the "Barney Fries" v. too crispy, save it for Mr. Silver's movie.

12/24/10: Mr. Hughes will be appearing at Starbucks, where "Taryn" might sneak in a free refill.
12/25/10: Mr. Hughes will be appearing at Carl's Jr. where Lohan and her agent sat on their Hollybutts 12.25.09, and I hope maybe we're making a better film than Machete.
12/29/10: Mr. Hughes will return to Starbucks--if still alive--and grace the "D Deb Voss" & "Steph D knee" McDonald's with his presence. Hey barristers, that's one lawsuit I might actually lose, I predict, because I'm going to try and shutter all McDonalds restaurants. Didn't the Clinton FDA argue cigarettes were a "nicotine injection system?" Yes, they tried that approach, so how about Big Macs & sody pop as "Fat and Corn Syrup Infusions?" Healthy? Seen all the fat Mexican kids out here? I have, and I'm running for president rude. On Medical? No, I don't feel sorry for JERRY BROWN, when even Trish said, "We elected him the first time because he was going out with Linda Ronstadt." I replied, "I already knew that" (the Ronstadt part).

One date with Hilton, and I'm the next President of the United States, right Palin?

What a country!

aviation addendum: Sounds kinda crrrazy up there in Minneapolis (don't forget to de-ice thoroughy). Q: "How long did it take to de-ice the Hughes Delta airplane at spacious O'Hare in 1977?" A: "So long, the businessmen were hollering stuff like "Jesus Christ! Enough already! I'm gonna be late for my meeting!" (in Saint Louis, Missouri).

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