Gangland-Arnoldland: Moonbeams at 11

The Invaders. What a great show! And, a bit scary to this little kid. [Did I just bite my lip, due to the terroristic "Gravity Boys" in space? Yeah, and so what? You duds are so shot down! When? I don't know]. May I post my famous, one and only one, kooks, UFO sighting report? Carter saw one, 'ya big ass, and in hughesscreenplay#8, a .gov trickster starts a near-effective "whispering campaign" holding George W. Bush was abducted by one. What! He really was? I did not hear that!

Hey kids! It's a helicopter first manufactured the same year scumbuckets did not lure me into a profitable life as a drug dealer! Me? Deal drugs?
TALK SHOW LINE GIVEAWAY: "Jay/Dave/Conan, I'm the only guy on Earth who could have lost money selling cocaine." [Light APPLAUSE sign...do they still do that?] New Jersey State Police helicopter, eh? They never pulled me over, but Confucius say, "Never get lost in NJ shore mafia town, unless you are named Hughes." (.gov .mil .mafia--I do not know what that means, and you are encouraged to come to court as defendants so "we" figure it out)

Since when is .mafia more just than the real government? As "Bobby," the late, great, and Legendary Bobby said, "Welcome to California." Hughes testimony is being given in the mafia billiard room, where I receive such treats as Pecan Pie, a real live fresh orange, and cheap-o little pastries, because how do you think those guys stay rich?
A few days ago, an old Black Hills ex-cop was the interrogator. "Are you in a gang now?" My right hand went up, JOHN DEAN style. "R, I asked if they were in a gang, and they said no. I asked if they were selling drugs, and they said no. Do I look like the cops? Do I look like the sheriff?" What did that guy say from a white SUV in the MOTEL 6 lot long ago in LA after he almost hit me (a recurrent joke), with 'po 'lil Hughes bathed in headlights? "Looks can be deceiving." What is our overly healthy jogging girl with "bud" headphones on wearing today? Wow! You can't do that! I know already it is against the rules. Oh, what was her colorful outfit?
the daily denial:
I didn't know what Navy grandma meant as a 5 year-old, nor did she have "ESP," nutjob, when she said, "Don't be like Herbert Hoover."

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