Hey, let's get down to some snitching! I can, too, because I'm all Hollyscummy-ized now. Did 'ya hear why [REDACTED BY bad SANTA'S FIRED ELVES] got canned from Universal? Yeah, his girlfriend told me, and his mom got the boot, too, right before Golden Parachute time! What a-holes! No wonder that s***canned dude who also got axed from MGM read my script and stole it! MGM--source of all evil...excuse me, that's Disney, isn't it? Palin! Help! It's not so easy to trash-up these people, why, they might even ki---DOWN! DOWN! THERE'S A MAN WITH A GUN IN THE OLD FOLKS BILLIARD HALL!

"Let's go to court!"
It is the "Hughes Holler," they all hear, but we shall get to the GOT COGNITION? issue later. Ask Dr. Cornelius, please. NO ALLERGIES WHATSOEVER. Cipro? Here is the not "paranoid" at all allegation. Get Hughes blood, design a killer drug at BAYER AG (Nazis), give H-man a 103 degree fever, stick him with an IV, prescribe Cipro, and the rest is litigation with BJC Health System, where a relative of mine conveniently ran the private loony ward for many years.

Yes, BJC provided my middle-class paycheck for many years, until they: a) Absolutely would not promote me, no matter how much my clinical excrement did not stink; 2) Gave me a boss with the same name as the county prosecutor, and he was indeed a big dick; 3) Sent me to the big city when I again did not "land" a supervisory job, but I tried to help the incompetent woman who got the job, because I used to be a "nice guy"; 4) Tried to kill me via another Missouri Department of Mental Health "true rumor" holding that a certain former state employee, and at that time, BJC Manager, would, uh, for lack of better English, get your ass killed; 5) Made my life so miserable, I took a pay cut, after a 7% raise, to go "back to (the) state," not State Department, although all of the spies loved "Burt," my U.S. State Department screenplay character who pushes academic & foreign policy journals around his desk and talks to confused, younger guys on the presumably secure (but not) .gov phone about CIA and shit. I feel compelled to state, on Soldier Boy's Internet, that Burt did not cause the "Wikileaks," because he is really, really, a 100% fictional character, despite how delusional you may be.

State service = 1% annual raise + a decent pre-Obammycare health care package. Leave time? Why do you think I'm not trying to put Lohan in jail this week? I know public employees, and they just will not be back to work until January 3. Pension? Did you say "dedicated pension benefit?"They tried to screw me out of mine, but now, VESTED=BUSTED, because MOSERS invests in rather nasty, greedy geopolitical places, and every time I call the 800 number to Country Club Drive, Jefferson City, Missouri, they say "Yes, Mr. Hughes" and so forth. That's not like the banks, but "we" will address that in Hughes v. Federal Reserve Bank, et al, and I know "The (D.C.) Supremes" are already licking their chops on that one.

What did Dr. Lipschitz say at the just like in Immaculate morning meeting? "You could have died!" That's right girl, but BJC thought I needed an insipid handout (in "T.O" a "flyer") on anxiety. How about the ER doc in the cubicle? He looked a lot like the Nazi doctors at LAS ROBLAS, in ugly assed Thousand Oaks, California, a "Breakaway Republic," and I'm sooo sorry for telling the truth, asswipe. "Liberals" though they reportedly are, the Sheen family has yet to order up my airborne escape, as with that lush Charlie.

Circling at 8,600 feet back to pizza, I think I am Constitutionally allowed to ask a question. Do your eyes have fluid in them? Yes. Is pepperoni salty? Yes! Why give Hughes four (4) slices of pepperoni pizza? So he eats it, and subsequently, both eyes turn into the Sahara. Got eyedrops for a buck at Little Pammy's Dollar Tree? mmmmm...that pizza tasted good, but I need to see in order to operate the old mafia day care center's "Farmer in the Dell" 755's. The goal? I think President Obama ought to buy-in on the "Public Option" in his own Hillarycare II national health plan. Once booted from the "Black House," he will receive better care than I, because I'll have to visit 80 Hillcrest, not find "Dr. King" (can you spell "hint," Ben?), and be given 600 mg of the liver-wrecking pharmaceutical pill of choice.

Hey, those trade label TYLENOL Jonathan left behind kind of give me a legal "buzz!"

Bulging Eyes = Gravity Fields
Burning Eyes = Radiation
Dry Eyes = Ingestion of a Dehydrating Food or Fluid
Surveillance Through Optic Nerve = As the NOT schizophrenic girl said, "They can see through your eyes!"

Who are they?Who are they?Who are they?


TOWER: "How's the braking out there?"
PILOT: "Sir, I could stop on a Sixpence, or as you would say, on a dime."

"Shot through the heart, and you're in jail,
Yes, you're going, without fail."

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