Rotary Drill Skill

Once more, I allege to the ROTARY CLUB's disappointment, I'm just not dead. Not yet. Don't you know my hughesforpresident.us slogans by now? "They show me everything," and be scared that it is morphing into, "They tell me everything," but do not come to a 20th Century type court and allege I know who "they" are. 7 a.m. breakfast? And now, a "middle school" is sponsoring another one? When? On the 1-6th? Are you nuts? So sorry, I'm not. Mafia Man's comment was, "I only have TOAST in the morning," and I did not ask what that meant.

Couldn't find me, eh? My only question regarding my missing status was it being either "Old School" spy crap like, "We conveniently can't find him" along with the other bums for a "free feed," or perhaps my absence was a little more "Buck Rogers."

Not important. Look to:
for more kingly proclamations next week, and know that Prince Charles has given the "Go" sign for activities that are for, as we said as kids in North Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, "For me to know and you to find out."
Paintball attack on the Prince of Wales? Why, they did that to me, too! "Coincidence?" Are you taking your medication, sir? Cool as a cucumber the Price was, while I have to wonder if Camilla has a background in acting. Quickly to another related topic, as "Sleepy" the computer shutdown creature is due, I do not have any auditory hallucinations, yet what did I hear out of the Vancouver, British Columbia Air Traffic Control system last evening?
PILOT: "Paranoid."
TOWER: "Good!"
The joke line? "That's Canada, so they won't get in any trouble."
Have a nice weekend.

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