Me? Stop Joking? Get Real!

Hi girls! From bottom to top, I did enjoy that Grammy-winning "Get Out of My House" business Colvin, but now, I'm homeless, and you've been no help at all. Ms. Williams I worship, and not because she has the same last name as my POL SCI professor who taught me all about "elites," and dummies, both the far left and right have them. What's all of this "elite" business? Oh, I'm a Royal. How much is java at Starbucks? $1.50, $1.85, and $2.00. As one of the few pluses to Cali-fornia, NO TAX on coffee, but girls, that generally means NO TIP, and I'm not talking "spy code." Aguilera, we can talk it over when I remember how to spell your name. Here we go to the "fansite," to get it right.....The joke? "Any woman who makes an album with Tony Bennett, I'm afraid of, and I don't even know why."Girls, don't pay any attention to that kingly stuff on:


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