How Bad Is It?

It is so bad among the "Ungoverned Territories," a.k.a. "California," I feel compelled to let you all know WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES a.k.a. WILLIAM V is claiming the United Kingdom's throne, and what do you not too human "creatures" have to say about it? Lot's of SILENCE in the Goebel Senior Adult Center's Computer Lab.

The political prisoner, me, is being allowed to listen to Air Traffic Control signals (Boston, USA) and look at "Girlie" pics, courtesy of WMMS in Cleveland, a city I kind of liked in "passing through." Good classical station, not too stinky (and I do not talk "spy code"), and as for the spouse being really pissed because I did not die from a massive dose of heart rhythm disrupting drug, we shall get to that later in USA's not terribly just courts. The "corporate rock stations" love this show, because we are really all T.O.DD's "Heavy Metal Kids," and as for Ozzie in my U.K., I have the cliche "No Idea" what he is up to besides a seemingly good new release, because he is allowed to, as Maf-ia says, "Make a livin'," whereas WILLIAM V is not.

Giving me a "mafia ride" to the EAGLETON FEDERAL COURTHOUSE in Saint Louis, Missouri? I didn't think so. Will the Goebel laser printer, now behind what I sarcastically call the "Nurses' Station" print-out the transcript of USA's/Kentucky "No lights, wrong runway air disaster" where the GROUND EMS transcript catches the "Crash a plane, kill 'em all" culprits.Fly to Toronto? Me? "Bi-coastal" from LA to NY? Me? Now fellahs, grandpa flew that as "Charles Howard" to get away from pests I have to tolerate every day, but I am no longer "Spam in a Can," nor am I trying to scare Hollyscummywood people by turning off engines, although I'd like to.

May I go somewhere and write like a guy seeking the U.S. presidency? Aw, why bother when I've dubbed whatever this is as "The Joker Counter-Revolution," and don't steal that one, please. Navy grandma spotted my mean streak, and you kooks want to think nothing will be of consequence over "TORTURED since 2002." Not the slogan I had in mind, scummy Army & Navy JAG's.

LET'S GET IT IN BEFORE $12.00 per hour policeman "RICK TANAKA" (alias) drops the Wi-Fi/

PILOT: "Turn the lights on."
TOWER: "Alright."
PILOT: "Now we see 'ya."
Should we add the MARGARET LEONARD HUGHES QUOTE OF THE DAY? Who won't like that? Uh, Carter, Bush, Bush, Clinton, and...what's his name? That Negro! Hussein Obama, isn't it?Didn't they hang a guy with a name like that? Something about an A-rab who did lots of construction work and carried a rifle. Isn't that normal? Oh, you never worked construction. It all ties together somehow, because why do I know, when the FBI plays it dumb, who picked up money for the "hijackers" at a certain MAILBOXES USA?

I'm "nuts?" No, the Federal Bureau of Investigation might know that ART MATTHEWS was the one who said, "Hughes, by a landslide," in a different "venue." How about DEAN PATRICK DELANEY saying, "Hughes, 'ya won" in his Bostonian accent. How about a Hollygossipcolumn? "Gimme All Your Lovin" from the immortal ZZ Top, when it was just a wasteland of FM commercials! Who done it? The hometowners @ kshe. Now dudes, one of the ZZ guys did indeed drive-by on Janss Road, in a cool car and how was I sure it was him? Shhhhh...the beard...is anybody listening? It's dyed. Verrry observant is Hughes, so when the bit of hair seen was not the same color as the beard, and I'm "all that," it was in all likelihood, which one?

I'll have to get on Soldier Boy's Internet and see. As for TV Star Girl in front of Starbucks Tuesday, I'll never tell. My joke to surveillance? "WB, if you leave the lot right now, you can see the Great Hughes and act like nothin' is going on."One thing I can say for these blasted California spies is, they really do behave as if nothing is going on well, but they've had a lot of practice since, oh, when Howard crashed into a Hollywood house, he supposedly died in 1976, and I met/caught you-know-who in 1985, and good god, I still call the worst one "The Great Psy-Op of 1988-89." 1991? Sure a lot of Swiss financial phone numbers with "91" in them, but it's nothing a good "Red Scare" can't fix.
The Soviet Union broke-up in 1989? You fell for that one?
Merry Old England has nukes they won't share with NATO?
"Potential" World leaders "stashed" and, uh, not dead?
Whew! That's better than my screenplays!
Merry Holidays, if "they" kill my ass.
gotta work on that trick script ending
DON'T SHOOT!!! (except with below-the-line mafia man's big camera)

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