Santa's Comin'

Nice to see my enemies are having a good day.
Never grandiose, but here are some 12.16.10 FACTS. Gander's poor airborne souls are asking for "touch and go's" when that is not what I called my driving pattern in Clayton, Missouri, USA when Soviet-style thugs were sitting in a car out front of 911 St. Rita Avenue. The hometown radio station that fancies itself as The radio station let me know rock band Skid Row was at least a One Hit Wonder with "18 and Life To Go." ALICE COOPER was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday? Congrats, Alice, but what did I say to an astonished face in 1972? "That Alice Cooper...they're kind of like a government act, aren't they?"

Look out! He's awake early, thanks to a wayward (but not) leaf blower I want to shoot bullets in another "Hollywood hates me, go back home" script I do not have time to write. Why, oh why no book out of Charlie Company? Now I know. Drama! Drama! Heavens, somebody's got "engine trouble" over Newfoundland, and I cannot be of assistance. However, in the NO TALKING ALLOWED Mafia Center/Condor Center I've resorted to "body signing" on how my air travel has gone, and it is an ugly sight, I'll admit. After a bit of "show," the yoke goes forward, and down we go. Oh, these glitzy types! They love the show! [I'd better post this before either a) Someone throws me off this chair; b) The Wi-Fi is disabled; or c) Flying Monkeys attack the Goebel Senior Adult Center]
Watching, watching, watching...the creatures are watching me, William C. Hughes, and I shall no longer say the "C" is like "cat." What have I been saying? "This war is fought in tenths of seconds," and what did I just find? Mr. Hughes, among other skills, is the "Grainy Assassination Crowd Photo Expert" and who do I think I see in the Pakistani prior to Benazir Bhutto checking-out photo? Dancing in front of Little Pammy's Dollar Tree, are we? Not prudent, son, nor was coming into the "Computer Lab" and behaving like a nuts-o space alien. The Telegraph is not a Time Warner or News Corp. place, now is it?
"The investigation is ongoing."

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