Goetz, I'll Get To It

Did my eyes get a little misty when I wrote the proverbial "tribute to fallen soldiers" piece, with details courtesy of Navy Times? I cannot tell a lie: Yes. Why isn't the salute to dead soldiers on this blog, or the "other blog?" I'm not happy with the USA, and I don't seem to have a personal computer, as they've all been seized, or wrecked, like both of my cars. Would you like to have a U.S. Civil War 2.0, or make a freakin' movie about a fictional one?
Decisions, decisions--never mine, and BTW, look out, MI-6, for my upcoming scribbling on DAVID KELLY/TONY BLAIR and possible "dirt" on the Windsors. "Can this get any weirder?" I ask almost daily. Circling O'Hare to Dale Goetz, a Baptist* Minister reportedly killed by an all to prevalent roadside bomb in Afghanistan, with considerable anger and disgust, to the Q&A we go:
Q: "Does Hughes know an Afghan Royal?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Does Hughes know a possible heir to Saudi throne?"
A: "Yes."
Q: "Was Hughes suspicious of David Kelly's death?
A: "Yes."
Q: "Did a potential claimant to the British Throne die the same year I, William Charles Hughes, was reportedly born?"
A: "Yes."
Let's go bowling at Brunswick Lanes.
But first, another admittedly speculative question:
Q:"How many roadside bombs are lit-off by 'U.S. Forces' as a macabre, war criminal's job retention program?"
A:"My guess is 60/40, as with sixty percent 'insurgents', and forty percent U.S. Forces killing their comrades."
Wanna argue? No, not at Starbucks! The forum? A televised debate in the United States of America.
Did I mention I'm running for president?
*What world religions do not harass Mr. Hughes? Muslims & Baptists. Go figure.

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