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Samuel T. Cohen, inventor of the Nuetron Bomb, has passed away at age 89, per the Los Angeles Times, one of my least favorite collection of news-electrons, or (still) on paper. TRUE or FALSE Quiz:

1. Did Hughes defend President Jimmy Carter and his Neutron Bomb development all across pre-EU Europe in 1977?

2. A U.S. Diplomat was on the phone with President Carter when I was in the room.

3. Carter bugged our house on Gayola Place.

4. What did Jimmy really do in the U.S. Navy?
This is not a T or F question, so "Mr. Hughes, you are under arrest."

My cardboard? Let's try "NEED 80 MILLION," and the second one says, "HOW ABOUT 40 MILLION?" with the third of three saying, "10?"

Feeemales! Who needs 'em? Her name is "Liz?" Why is she in Starbucks so much? I call that look "tastefully seductive." Liz is better than her homeless book nickname of "The Columbian Army Girl," isn't it? Let me guess...lives in Moorpark, many boyfriends, with no visible means of support. Oh, they hate it when I'm right! And, let's not get into who "they" are, as "we" might spoil the old fogies X-Mas party.

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