Space Kadets

Teacher's here! (with little or no experience...honest). Q: Why did Nazis block the previous photo of Ed White? A: The one before this one was the very first one snapped of a guy floating around in space. "One small step for a zzzzit"--What was that, grandpa Howard? NASA had to issue "clarification." Von Braun's Hawaiian shirt, right here at the day care center, and I'm not going places? My, all of a sudden they can't shut up in Warsaw, and I'm not talking "spy talk" or Warsaw, Missouri, Jay. Son, this is serious. For further information, consult a 90 year-old .mafia man, 80 year-old .mil retiree, or one of my Watergate Spooks, one of whom just said this morning, "You're dong quite well." At what? Oh well, I drove the Ford with no brakes fairly well. Hey buddy, that many brake lock-up's, and only one very scared Cuban right-wing kook hit? Why not mind your own f***ing business!

We" await all of Southern California to lose electricity, which will probably take longer than the download of "Ed's" spacewalk photo. [I'll take a look on the Mozilla browser...back in a minute]. It was on the screen, but there's "additional downloading required," which caused "THE RUSSIAN SAILOR BOY" to my right to <cough, cough> cough, whatever that means. As for "KEN/NICK/KENT," he does not like me looking over his shoulder at his "Let's crash another Airbus" card game. I'll check on Ed White and be right back.

Ed was there, but not there. We do this a lot on Microsoft Windows, which is why one of my goals in life is a new, improved operating system, kinda like the days of three big automakers. Bill's, Steve's, and William's. No? I'm supposed to die like a dog in the CRPD "park?" No, I'm going to seek an injunction in a Federal Court to close your stupid T.O. freak show. What are you gonna do about it, spies? In Los Angeles? San Francisco? Sacramento? Fresno? No sir, I am talking about the United States of America, and quite frankly, my dear, this Cali-fornia shit just is not that. And, we've already discussed it.

Big guns are out, as the spacewalk photo file is not recognized by Gatesian computers. And, why was that? Why was grandpa Howard often unhappy about something or other, as am I? May I start a new blog and be 100% serious? Is COMEDY CENTRAL still on? I don't stay in hotels anymore. Did anybody ever joke a lot as el presidente? May I go to the "other blog" now?

Oil of Olay!

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