Please Send af.mil Police. No? Why Not?

Married? Ouch! Lost your ring? He was poor back then, and...What's with the pinky ring only photo in the...yawn...Los Angeles Times? Where did Steve go? In jail, you say? Not yet? Give me some time...who needs money?

Now, I'm the Ventura County Sheriff's hood ornament, so all spies should be aware that I will be copying-in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), my neighbors in Maryland, on all nasty, bitter e-mail correspondence with the United States Air Force. Likewise, given I have now seen an alleged Tallyban "hostage" somewhere, we shall reverse that "medicine" and copy-in the Air Force on similarly bitter, nasty communiques with the CIA, who may have fooled me yet again by being extremely low-down and horrible under that major boob and old Clinton hack LEON PANETTA.

No? Why is my admittedly hazy match on the "hostage" face a girl on a park bench, and if I am correct, I shall exercise my right to withhold the location of the park bench. But, since I'm "easy," and per Obammy's Southern Illinois drug snitches, easily manipulated, here is a "TOP SECRET" hint : Our first Negro president said if that particular organ-i-zation spends a dollar, they must save a dollar somewhere else. Have you tried telling drunk sailors things like that? It does not work.

What do I say around "T.O"/Westlake? "I learn from the great ones." Q: "Is Richard Nixon's ghost in hughes screenplay #8?" A: "Yes, it is." May I do the voice-over? Though not exactly Rich Little, my Nixon impression is getting better by the day. Perhaps Marlin Brando as "The Godfather" marbles in my mouth would help. Or, maybe the hard to shave jaw line is sufficient (hint, hint). In real-life, may I borrow from Nixon fiscally, should the electorate someday fall under my spell? IMPOUNDED.

Can you spell it?

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