numbers, numbers, numbers

To the Kindergarten Q&A we go:
Q: "What did William V see on Charlie's RCA 19" color TV that probably still works fine?"
A: "Something just like the photo above."
Q: "Mr. Hughes, when did VC-25A almost hit your Mazda 323?"
A: "August, 1999." (08/1999).
Q: "Delusions! What was the exact date?"
A: "I'll look it up when I get my library cards back."
Why can't you morons get serious?
Why can't I stop laughing at you?
Facts--California spies don't deal with them too well.
However, they sure like, numbers, numbers, numbers...
here's some numbers for you, nutcase.
For crappy, not all of the tail lights light campers, trips to Costa Rica, many, many, canned hams, and other fabulous prizes, what are those numbers?
Q: "What book did my first hitman trying to get me give, as all .mafia hitmen want to be remembered for later arrest & prosecution?"
A: "A Confederacy of Dunces."
SPY HINT: You are "General Lee," according to some crazy Mormons, people who took too much LSD "back in the day," UFO seekers, and so forth.
SPY JOKE: Watching Hughes? YOU ARE THE DUNCE!!!

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