Riding in the King's Boeing 707? Really? Didn't grandpa have a rare case of "The Shorts," to engine that airplane? Who closed the HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY account? Mellon! Who do I have a problem with? Mellon! (Now d.b.a. BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON). How about Bank of America? Three (3) billion in hard cash? Where did that come from? T.A.R.P.?
Q: "What was 9/11?"
A: "A big-assed banker sceme to make tons of money."
Q: "How's the conspiracy going?"
A: "Fairly well."

What's that thang on the engine? "Impulse engines, Mr. Scott." When is Paramount going to jail? Disney? Universal? Sony? MGM? They set-up the whole town , didn't they? Oh, those Missouri "Good Old Boys!"
Q: "What did grandma (yeah, that grandma) send me to "Dub's" market for?
A: "A newspaper."

Where are all of the satellite trucks? Tardy? Big wreck on the 101? HWY 23?

How do I write the wrong ending to my screenplay to be a neo "Tricky Dick?"
Did you think I'd put the real one on the "Farmer in the Dell" 755's?
Trust MSN? How many times to I have to tell you I'm not nuts?
How can a poor boy screenwriter get some privacy, which I am now pronnouncing the UK way, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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