Job? What's That?

May I have a job? Unlike spies, William V needs a purpose in life, like seeing the president tossed in prison. No Marine salute and off you go to where you came from--an issue no one seems sure about. Prison I say, with the other Chicago mafia niggahs. Did I just violate a law? No. What was the deal last evening with: a) An "interrogation"; b) The Route 66 impression, and son, do you even get the joke?; c) A Hummer limo, as with the AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL; and d) "Superhero" costumed rich kids in the limo? May I give someone a job, and then fire them?
What did the one you are all so obsessed with say regarding Austin (AFF) 2002? "Okay." What did Hughes say, NSA? "I'm getting depressed about all of this po-tential fame and fortune, so you're not coming with me." Is it normal for a female to just say "Okay" upon being disinvited to a film festival/screenwriter's conference? No. What did I think, mind readers? "I guess they were going to kill both of our asses again."

You want to be a spy when you grow up?
Seek psychiatric help--IMMEDIATELY.

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