It Really Is America's Best Value

Didn't you all love AbolishTheCIA.org? And, don't you know it will be back as an archive, with not one word changed, although I was followed around by a pack of nutty spies who had a "mission" in life I called "Change the copy." That's not to mention the six week period in Concord, New Hampshire when I got only two hours of sleep per day, never at the same time. Then, the .mil/.gov/.mafia "team" decided 2-6 hours at night might keep them out of jail or the brig.Farther down the pike, my sleep was almost normal, when I wasn't hitting the deck due to guys in big trucks trying to "get a bead on me," then reaching for something in the glovebox. Hughes calls this "The Reach," and though the walls were thin, no shootin' so near the State Capital was allowed.

No commercial jet service at that airport, but did we not do it every day? I'd go to the Post Office, Bank, Food Coop, Pitchfork Records, Castro's Back Room (a cigar shop, Nazis...settle down), or to...where? WHITE MOUNTAIN COFFEE, where the muffins were in little wax paper bags <hint, hint> and the city workers came in to shoot the breeze <more hint, hint> and I did not take any of the coffee girls home, although there was Carter-esqe lust in my heart. Following errands and the "We're gonna kill you" Stunt-of-the-Day [SOUND: BUSINESS JET NOISE..one..two..maybe even three of them] I did not get asphyxiated, so fired FBI, and I'd settle down to drive my spy-killer neighbors counter-nuts with Beethoven, Wagner, & the handy-dandy Clockwork Orange soundtrack album. These tactics I learned at my most unusual Liberal Arts college, where I did in fact receive a B.S. in Political Science, Jack.
Why no girls at Tony's house?
As someone said of travel to Israel, "Too dangerous!"
Gardner, they did not steal my HUGHES 2008 bumper-stickers, did they?
You've got guards & stuff, right?

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